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Change is hard. But hospitals and health systems don’t need to take on the challenges of sustainability alone.

After nearly 25 years of listening, working with, and developing tools for facilities of all sizes across the United States, we’re perfectly equipped to help strengthen and build internal capacity and leadership skills to help you succeed.

In addition to the resources and peer-to-peer connections you can find through the Practice Greenhealth network, we can also bring our experience and knowledge directly to your team when and where you need it.

“Practice Greenhealth is a strategic partner and with their formal consultation offer of strategic deployment, they helped Providence bring together key stakeholders for a powerful foundation to strengthen our goals and prepare for our system journey with a goal of being the healthiest health care system in the country.”

– Chief Sustainability Officer, Providence

Current Practice Greenhealth Advisory Services products include:

  • Strategic deployment: Sustainability success A focused and creative engagement that includes on-site facilitation and leads facility or system stakeholders through an interactive process weaving together disparate programmatic areas with overarching goals.
  • Sustainable materials management: Material and waste stream assessment This assessment assists hospitals by looking at everything that is coming into your facility (through the purchasing/materials management) to everything that exits the hospital in the form of recyclables, red bag waste, solid waste, food waste, laboratory chemicals, chemotherapeutic, and pathological waste. Then, we report on opportunities and insights and provide recommendations
  • Accelerate Change: Greening the OR™ Quickstart Operating rooms can drive cost savings and efficiency improvements through smart, incremental, sustainable practices. This strategic engagement builds a plan for quick implementation of Practice Greenhealth’s Greening the OR™ toolkit and sets your facility up for rapid adoption and recognizable “wins”.
  • Sustainable leadership: The future of health care An inspirational keynote delivered by Gary Cohen, Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth founder, followed by Q&A. This event is a great opportunity to invite board members, clinicians, and other community leaders interested in health care’s unique role in healthy communities.

Have another need or challenge to tackle? Please contact us for a more customized solution.


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