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One of the largest and most vital communities on the planet is health care.

We’ve reached a pivotal moment on our path toward a sustainable future. Major shifts in the national political landscape have created uncertainty around foundational health and environmental policies and raised questions for many of our members about how sustainability fits in. Can health care afford sustainability when the very business model is in flux? Is sustainability a “nice to have” initiative for good times, cut when the insurance market changes? We’ve heard these and many more concerns in recent months, reflecting larger societal concerns about what the future holds.

For us, the answer is clear: Sustainability is not a “fringe” program. Sustainability means improving our communities. It’s part and parcel of the strategic direction of health care, it’s integrated into the important business initiatives of hospitals. Because of this, we are confident that our path ahead is the right one. We are committed to work with our members to initiate policies and practices that are cost-effective and healthy for people and communities—even in a time of flux.

To meet those challenges, we want to work with you to strengthen our collective impact and ensure our members receive the exact level of support they need. Here’s what Practice Greenhealth membership offers:

  • Tailored membership options: Every hospital is different, and our membership model customizes services to respond to individual member needs. Hospitals and health systems will can choose from different offering levels or work with us to design a custom membership offering.
  • Tools that map directly to impact: As health care continues to evolve, we’re responding by providing members with innovative technology solutions and responsive reporting. We’re strengthening these tools, expanding our website and streamlining reporting to make it easier for members to access information that’s critical to making sustainable business decisions.  

Benefits of Membership

  • A dedicated member engagement manager for customized guidance, support, and technical assistance
  • Access to member-only educational content and resources
  • Full webinar series subscriptions, including archives
  • Eligibility for Environmental Excellence Awards
  • Access to the annual Sustainability Benchmark Report, including members-only data on Practice Greenhealth hospitals
  • Use of the Energy Impact Calculator
  • A variety of networking and volunteer opportunities
  • Discounted registration rates for CleanMed, the premier environmental conference for health care
  • Member discounts on educational programs and workshops
  • E-mail newsletters (monthly Greenbeat and weekly Greenhealth eNews)
  • Listing on the Practice Greenhealth website
  • Cohort groups for peer to peer learning

Complete List of Member Benefits

Membership Categories


Individual Facility Membership

Practice Greenhealth membership is open to any health care facility that is committed to environmental sustainability. Membership fees for individual facilities are based on number of on full-time equivalents (FTEs).

Health System Membership

Health system membership is open to health systems with at least four participating facilities. Membership fees are determined by the number of participating facilities and the membership levels of those individual facilities. We offer a discounted rate that is based on the total number of participating facilities

We recognize that every facility and health system is different and we will work with you to determine a pricing structure that best fits your needs. If you would like to discuss becoming a Practice Greenhealth member, please contact us at

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Practice Greenhealth is the nation’s leading membership and networking organization for institutions in the healthcare community that have made a commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

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