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Sustainability analytics help organizations understand the cost, impact, and performance of their past and present sustainability initiatives and anticipate future conditions and requirements, allowing them to unlock hidden value and build more resilient enterprises.

At the heart of the Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards program is our data collection platform and benchmark reports.

Regardless of the milestone, taking stock of your achievements and celebrating hard work is important. Whether your hospital has hit a goal, implemented a more efficient process, or demonstrated leadership and impact in the community, don’t forget to recognize the individuals and teams that made it happen. It isn’t just about celebration. It's about recharging and seeing hard work realized, making it easier to gear up for the next goal and motivate your team for sustainability-driven success.


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“Health care represents 18 percent of the nation’s economy and has a significant impact on our environment. Being a leader in health care means going beyond clinical excellence to also consider our impact on the environment. We made a commitment across all of our health centers to address some of the sector’s most problematic areas - energy use, waste management, water use, food service, and our carbon footprint.”

–  Carrie L. Byington, MD, executive vice president of University of California Health


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