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Our many applicants and award-winning hospitals are driven by individuals passionate about sustainability and energy reduction. The Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards are a powerful tool to promote the mantra of “manage what you measure,” celebrate successes, and reward cross-functional teamwork and project execution.

2024 award winners

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Hospitals and health care systems must be more environmentally sustainable to fulfill their mission of patient care, promote healthy communities, and do no harm. To improve the health of the environment and our communities, there is an ethical imperative for health care to take the lead on reducing its climate impact. 

These awards are a signal to our communities that we are up for the challenge.


Top 25

Practice Greenhealth’s highest honor for hospitals. Selected from the pool of Partner for Change applicants, these hospitals are leading the industry in all-around sustainability performance, demonstrating comprehensive programs, and illustrating how sustainability is entrenched in their organizational culture. Each year, the competition for these top spots increases as hospitals across the country continue to innovate.

Circles of Excellence

The Circles of Excellence Awards celebrate hospitals who have not only earned an award for all-around sustainability achievement, but have also been identified as the top scoring programs for each sustainability category.

Greenhealth Emerald

The Greenhealth Emerald Award recognizes outstanding hospitals from within the Partner for Change applicants. This competitive award recognizes the top 20 percent of applicants and is focused on advanced sustainability programs and exemplary scores in a range of categories.


Greenhealth Partner for Change

The Greenhealth Partner for Change Award recognizes superior performance in environmental
sustainability, covering a range of different sustainability programs and activities. Winners have also made substantive progress on mercury elimination.

Greenhealth System for Change

The System for Change Award recognizes health systems that are working cohesively to set system-wide sustainability goals, track performance data, benchmark, and support intra organizational learning and implementation within their institutions.

Greening the OR

The Greening the Operating Room Award honors facilities that have made substantial progress in reducing the impact of the surgical environment.


Making Medicine Mercury Free

The Making Medicine Mercury-Free Award recognizes hospitals that have virtually eliminated mercury from their facilities and have made a commitment to continue to be “mercury free.”

Partner Recognition

The Partner Recognition Award recognizes facilities that have a commitment to environmental improvements and have achieved progress in several areas of the organization.


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