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The Impact Purchasing Commitment (IPC) launched with the support of 12 health systems and was designed by the Healthcare Anchor Network in partnership with Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth.

What we buy matters. Sustainability professionals and purchasing managers can work together to embed sustainability into purchasing processes and engage suppliers and group purchasing organizations to provide innovative, sustainable products and services with a reduced impact on human health and the environment.

Practice Greenhealth has more than two decades’ experience identifying the criteria that determine which products and equipment live up to their “green” promises. We know how to bring sustainable products and purchasing practices to a hospital without hurting the bottom line or taking time away from patient care.

We’re not just sustainability experts – we’ve walked the halls of the hospital and now guide employees on approaches and best practices to create change. 

When you need more than guidance 

In addition to the resources and peer-to-peer connections you can find through the Practice Greenhealth network, we can also bring our experience and knowledge directly to your team when and where you need it through Practice Greenhealth Advisory Services.

Strategic deployment - Sustainability success is a focused and creative engagement that includes on-site facilitation and leads facility or system stakeholders through an interactive process weaving together disparate programmatic areas with the organization’s overarching goals. This engagement could also be used to position and deploy the IPC Sustainability Goals within your hospital.

Accelerate Change - Greening the OR™ Quickstart is a strategic engagement that builds a plan for quick implementation of Practice Greenhealth’s Greening the OR™ toolkit and sets your facility up for rapid adoption and recognizable “wins.”  Let us help your hospital lay the groundwork to achieve the Anaesthetic Gas and Reusable Products goal while also identifying opportunities to drive cost savings and efficiency improvements.    

If you're interested in how Practice Greenhealth can help you lead change in your hospital, email at any time. 

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