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Sustainability leaders must make difficult choices to prioritize the work that matters most to the organization while balancing resource allocation.

The sustainability performance data provided by Practice Greenhealth’s benchmark report cards provide a solid foundation for sustainability goal development. Each hospital’s report card provides an annual snapshot of facility performance on 30 different metrics along with a percentile comparison to other partner hospitals. The report cards include the 90th percentile performance point, highlighting what is achievable for committed hospitals in each programmatic area.

“Thanks to the data analyzed through the awards platform at Practice Greenhealth, we're in a healthier position to categorically mitigate the various wastes associated with health care operations while improving patient and community health. For example, we came to understand the hospital's water usage, while better than the median, is now a focal point of reduction." 
– Ali Wolf, Asprius project manager

Practice Greenhealth’s Environmental Excellence Awards provide a platform for identifying which programs are in place and capturing the stories that illustrate health care’s sustainability successes and shortfalls.

Benchmark report cards and system trend reports are provided annually to partners using the awards data platform. These performance reports are just two benefits of submitting data to Practice Greenhealth.

Partners can take advantage of the following resources to guide future decisions:

The annual report card offers a unique opportunity for data-driven health care organizations to assess how well the hospital or health care facility is executing on its commitment to a variety of sustainability initiatives.
Report card
Facilities that submit data also have access to a gap analysis and can choose one of three ways to receive this information. Contact your sustainability strategy manager for more information.


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