Plant-Forward Future resources

Plant-Forward Future is a curated set of resources from Practice Greenhealth, Health Care Without Harm, and our partners that will help health care facilities set a plant-forward goal, menu, and market plant-forward dishes, and track their progress.


The resources further below are divided into three categories:

  1. Implementation. There are multiple strategies a health care facility can use to implement a plant-forward dining program. Top strategies include: increasing the number and variety of plant-forward dishes, improving the taste and appearance of plant-forward dishes, reducing the portion size of meat in a dish, and creating plant-forward versions of popular meat-based dishes. 
  2. Marketing. How do you describe plant-forward dishes to customers? What do you call them? Should they go in a separate section on the menu? All these questions are answered in the World Resources Institute’s Behavioral Playbook. At the point of sale, you’ll want to focus on how great a plant-forward dish tastes and our new menu marketing tool will help you name and describe dishes so they sell. Educate diners about the multiple benefits of plant-forward in dining areas using the free infographics, posters, and screen images in the toolkit.
  3. Tracking. Establishing a baseline and tracking your progress is essential for making gains in a plant-forward culinary program. Set a goal and track your progress against that goal with our tracking resources. Be sure to apply for our annual Practice Greenhealth awards in the food category. Your work in the plant-forward space can help you win an award and be recognized among your health care peers. Do you want to stand out as a leader globally among all sectors? Join the Cool Food Pledge for global, cross-sector recognition.

Plant Powered 30 logoA fun employee engagement activity

Plant Powered 30 is plug-and-play 30-day challenge to inspire your employees to choose a plant-forward meal once per day.

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Know of a great resource not included? Please share it with us. This is a living resource that will be expanded over time and your suggestions will help other food service professionals successfully implement plant-forward meals at their facilities.

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