Board of Directors

Tory Dietel Hopps (Board Co-Chair)

Job Title
Managing Partner at Dietel Partners



Tory Dietel Hopps manages portfolios for clients with both domestic and international interest as managing partner at Dietel Partners. She works closely with her team to define strategy, identify grantee and funding partners, and assist grantees with their strategies, resource development, and capacity-building needs. She works closely with funding partners to help with field building in areas of interest to her clients. She believes strongly in working toward better dynamics between the funding and grantseeking communities and takes a humanist approach to her work. Before joining Dietel Partners, she had a 25-year career in nonprofit resource development, management, and governance with a focus in education and health and human services. She was trained by BoardSource as a nonprofit governance consultant and was a principal at Turning Point Consulting, which focused on strategic planning and organizational capacity building in the nonprofit sector.

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