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Past Events

Greening the OR was launched on April 27 of 2010 at a Greening the OR Symposium in Phoenix, AZ.  This invitation-only event brought together thought leaders from across the health care sector, including representatives of major hospital systems and individual hospitals and health care professional organizations, to identify and evaluate opportunities for greening the operating room.

The symposium aimed to gather information on implementation strategies; potential barriers and suggested strategies for overcoming them; mechanisms that will help leadership with decision-making on the ROI for these interventions; and evaluation of how these interventions can drive environmental performance improvement outcomes, and improve worker health and safety benefits.

The second pivotal event, on May 11, 2010, was a pre-conference workshop at the CleanMed Conference in Baltimore, MD. The pre-conference session examined the best-in-class strategies identified and vetted at the Phoenix Symposium. Participants had the opportunity to engage in a detailed discussion of benefits and barriers to adoption of these best practices. Programs that were covered included:

  • Regulated medical waste segregation & reduction
  • Fluid management systems
  • Single-use device reprocessing
  • Reusable textiles
  • Reusable hard cases for surgery
  • Medical plastics recycling
  • OR pack reorganization
  • Waste anesthetic gas capture and recycling
  • Energy-efficient boom lighting

A year later in April of 2011, a second pre-conference workshop on Greening the OR was held at the CleanMed Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • Greening the OR Pre-Conference Event at CleanMed – April 6, 2011
  • Greening the OR Pre-Conference at AORN Congress – March 18, 2011
  • Practice Greenhealth presenting on Greening the OR at ASHE PDC – March 13, 2011
  • Greening the OR Pre-Conference Event at CleanMed - May 11, 2010
  • Greening the OR Symposium - April 27, 2010

Past Webinars

June 16, 2011: Fluid Management Systems in the OR
An opportunity to look at the various fluid management strategies, highlighting the costs and benefits of the technologies. Listen to how Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center implemented a fluid management system within their OR's, how the successful education and training of staff led to a reduction in RMW and increased worker safety.

May 19, 2011: Energy Efficiency in the OR
A glimpse into Providence St. Peter's experience implementing LED lighting and HVAC controls in its OR's to improve energy efficiency. 

 February 17, 2011:  Reusable Surgical Textiles in the OR
An in depth look at the reusable textiles typically used in the OR.  Learn from industry experts and hospitals that have integrated the use of reusable textiles into a hospitals OR. 

January 20, 2011:  Introduction to Practice Greenhealth's Greening the OR Initiative
John Ebers,  Associate Director of Sustainability, Education and Training at Practice Greenhealth, provides an overview of the program, identify the key milestones and inform you of the GORI survey results.

December 10, 2010: Inhaled Anesthetics: Climate Change and Mitigation Strategies

September 15, 2010: Benefits of an OR Donation Program: Reducing Waste While Serving Humanity

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