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Greening the Operating Room

As hospitals across the country look for ways to reduce environmental impact, it makes sense to start with the departments that have the largest environmental footprints. The operating room (OR) is one of the largest users of supplies within the hospital as well as one of the largest producers of waste. Case studies have estimated that between 20-30 percent of the total waste generated by the hospital comes from the OR. A number of leading healthcare institutions have begun to tackle this problem by identifying a set of best practices that can reduce costs while also reducing waste, energy, and worker and patient exposure to hazardous chemicals. The Greening the Operating Room Initiative is a collaborative effort to envision what the green operating room of the future might look like, and what kinds of products, programs and best management practices hospitals can focus on as a means of getting there. Practice Greenhealth is committed to working with its partners and endorsing hospitals to provide the data, tools and resources necessary to substantiate these best practices as a critical step to widespread adoption across the sector.


Endorse the Greening the OR Initiative

Janet Brown and Cecilia DeLoach LynnPractice Greenhealth is now formally asking hospitals to endorse the Greening the OR Initiative. To endorse the initiative, simply fill out the Commitment Form below — identifying the pieces of the initiative your organization is interested in participating. Once we receive your commitment form, our Project Manager will reach out with more information on how to participate. Use the Project Overview to familiarize others at your organization with basic facts about this new initiative.

(Photo caption: Practice Greenhealth’s Janet Howard and Cecilia DeLoach Lynn get a tour of the best practices in place at MetroWest Medical Center’s operating room.)

Endorse Now

Greening the OR Guidance Documents

With the assistance of a number of individuals at our member facilities and across the sector, Practice Greenhealth has prepared a series of Greening the OR Guidance Documents.

Greening the Operating Room Webinar Series

Practice Greenhealth offers a series of webinars focused on Greening the Operating Room. Live webinars are made accessible to endorsing hospitals and sponsors regardless of membership status. Practice Greenhealth members can access the webinar recording and presentation files one week after the event using their Subscriber ID. 

Click here to view Upcoming Greening the OR Webinars  
Click here to view Archived Greening the OR Webinars

Greening the OR Video Contest Results!

Looking back at the work that began several years ago, Practice Greenhealth challenged Greening the OR Endorsing Hospitals to highlight their work, achievements and commitment to more sustainable surgical departments by creating videos in the Greening the OR Video Contest.

All of the videos were fantastic! We are pleased to announce Inova Health System as the winner. Their enthusiasm, community involvement, creativity, and commitment to a healthier healthcare delivery system is undeniable, and we applaud them on their hard work. Congratulations to Inova Health System, and the rest of the Greening the OR Endorsing Hospitals - keep up the great work!

Upcoming Calendar of Greening the OR Events

Greening the OR Press Room

Click here to view press releases on the Greening the OR Initiative.

Additional Resources

Practice Greenhealth is committed to collecting a set of articles, case studies and guidance around green practices in the operating room. Click here to see more resources on Greening the OR

Contact Us

For more information on the Greening the OR Initiative, please contact Kaeleigh Sheehan, Greening the OR Project Manager at

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