Awards promotion


Congratulations on winning a Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Award and on your organization’s exemplary environmental stewardship.

In recognition of your dedication to environmental excellence and to help spread the word of this honor, starting on May 20, Practice Greenhealth plans to: 

  • Announce all award winners on the Practice Greenhealth website.
  • Issue a press release about this year’s awards and featuring the Top 25 winners.
  • Share the news with other Practice Greenhealth members and in programmatic newsletters.
  • Promote extensively across social media, including featuring a few of the Top 25 winners on Twitter each day for two weeks.
  • Feature the Circle of Excellence winners on their respective topic page (energy, buildings, food, etc.) on the Practice Greenhealth website.

What you can do

  • Pass these plans along to your marketing/communications department.
  • Spread the word on your hospital’s social media accounts. Follow Practice Greenhealth on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and tag us in your posts so we can amplify.
  • Share the news through your staff newsletters, on your website, and with leadership.
  • Reach out to your local media contacts to share your success.
  • Organize a virtual event to recognize the facility (or facilities within the health system) for their award. 
  • Raise awareness with colleagues and thank them.

Looking for a place to start?

Feel free to use any of these materials: 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Congratulations!

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