Over 70 Hospitals Engaged in Conscientious Culinary Creativity for Food Day

Published: 11/01/2018 - 16:15
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Blog posted by the Healthy Food Team of Practice Greenhealth and Health Care Without Harm

To celebrate Food Day in 2016, Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth teamed up with Menus of Change, an initiative of The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to support the sourcing of sustainable products and creation of healthy meals with recipes and resources.

With more than 70 participants from California to Massachusetts, Wisconsin to Florida and the places in between such as Wyoming and Colorado, hospitals answered the call to source and serve food that makes a difference.

On October 24, chefs and foodservice staff across the country served up creative and delicious meals featuring ingredients with one or more of the following criteria: 1) produced locally and seasonally, 2) produced sustainably, 3) comprised of less than 1.5 oz per serving of meat (or are vegetarian) or 4) meat raised without the routine use of antibiotics.

From nose-to-tail recipes made from sustainably-raised meat to sourcing local seasonal produce, hospitals across the country purchased and served sustainable food and amplified their choices by sharing the story with patients, staff, and visitors. Live cooking demos, in-house promotion, recipe cards, and social media showcased healthy food solutions that provided food education to consumers and promoted the facilities’ day-to-day sustainable food work.

Practice Greenhealth has compiled these stories to spread the creativity though narratives, images, and recipes. Together we can make Food Day everyday...(Continue reading)

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