On-demand videos help partners conduct a GHG inventory

Published: 10/25/2023 - 16:18
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Following the successful launch of our Health Care Emissions Impact Calculator, Practice Greenhealth hosted monthly workshops to walk partners through how to perform a complete greenhouse gas inventory. 

Hundreds of partners attended this real-time solutions forum, where many tips and tricks were shared. 

View the on-demand recordings of the following workshops:

  • Nov. 16  - Scope 1 (stationary combustion, mobile fleet combustion, and fugitive emissions) 
  • Dec. 14  - Scope 2 (purchased electricity, steam, heat, or cooling)
  • Jan. 18 - Scope 3 categories 1 (purchased goods and services), 2 (capital goods), and 3 (fuel- and energy-related activities)
  • March 21 - Scope 3 categories 4 (upstream transportation and distribution), 6 (business travel), 7 (employee commuting), and 9 (downstream transportation and distribution) 
  • April 18 - Scope 3 categories 5 (waste generated in operations), 8 (upstream leased assets), 11 (use of sold products), 13 (downstream leased assets), and 15 (investments)

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