How-to guidance for conducting a complete GHG inventory


Practice Greenhealth offers live and on-demand workshops that will walk you through how to perform a complete greenhouse gas inventory for your health care facility or health system.

Each session provides guidance on how to perform a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory using the Health Care Emissions Impact Calculator, Practice Greenhealth's accounting tool specifically designed to help health care organizations measure their emissions. Our expert takes you through a step-by-step approach, sharing tips and frequently asked questions, and emphasizes ways to take action to reduce GHG emissions.

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March 21: Scope 3 categories 4 (upstream transportation and distribution), 6 (business travel), 7 (employee commuting), and 9 (downstream transportation and distribution) 
April 18: Scope 3 categories 5 (waste generated in operations), 11 (use of sold products), 12 (end-of-life treatments of sold products), and 15 (investments)

Watch the recording of each session.

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