Reuse, donate, or sell


Rather than disposing of supplies, equipment, and devices that are in good working order when a facility is finished with them, many of our member hospitals report they’ve identified ways to reuse, donate, remanufacture, or take advantage of take-backs for these items.

While it takes time to identify and arrange these reuse strategies, the costs saved by reducing haul-away disposal costs are substantial.

Practice Greenhealth offers tools, resources, and case studies to help our members to assess the best ways to reuse or donate equipment and other items rather than create waste.

Reuse, donate, or sell recommendations

  • Investigate disposal arrangements such as reuse, donation, or take-back as part of procurement requirements for new supplies and equipment.
  • Donate useful, properly working equipment.
  • Partner with experienced companies who have systems in place to manage equipment donation or donate to medical equipment donation programs.
  • Electronics and computers can be donated to clinics, churches, schools, or shelters once confidential information is removed.
  • Good quality furniture and fixtures can be shared with other departments, health care facilities, or community organizations.
  • Used and surplus office supplies can be donated to other departments or to charitable organizations.
  • Surplus food waste that is handled according to health department rules and regulations can be donated to local shelters and food banks.
  • Consider community classifieds as a way to sell used and surplus items.
  • Establish an office supply exchange program where personnel can drop off used and surplus items and pick up needed supplies before ordering new ones.
  • Identify medical devices that may be candidates for device reprocessing in clinical areas, including and especially in the operating room.
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