Employee transportation


Innovative transportation strategies can improve health and well-being by inviting employees to step out of their cars and into more active and healthy modes of travel. Hospitals and health systems that have incentivized alternative commuting practices see more engaged, healthy and active employees, and significantly reduced single-occupancy vehicle rates, miles, and greenhouse gas emissions.

These programs can also be attractive to the next generation of talented and energetic health care recruits by demonstrating dedication to the health and well-being of employees, the community, and the planet.

Seattle Children’s Hospital’s program that encouraged and rewarded employees for adopting alternative commuting practices allowed the hospital to save the $25 million it originally planned to spend on a new parking structure.

Practice Greenhealth offers tools and case studies to help our members assess the best way to reduce transportation emissions. Our goal is to provide step-by-step resources that will make it simpler for any hospital with a sustainable transportation goal to design, implement, and measure the success of transportation emissions reduction strategies.

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