Responsibility and accountability stakeholders

Executive sponsors and clinical champions


Ask any business or sustainability consultant to name a key requirement for program success and they’ll tell you that having an executive or c-suite level sponsor is at the top of their list. There are several reasons for this. First, the sponsor makes sure that the program's goals and objectives are aligned with hospital strategy, and that it has the support, from the top and the bottom, to be successful.  Second, the sponsor plays a more strategic role focusing efforts on creating conditions for success or removing impediments, leaving the tactical work to the sustainability leader. 

A skillful executive sponsor:

  • Actively and visibly participates throughout the program
  • Builds a coalition of sponsorship (mobilize other leaders and stakeholders)
  • Communicates support and promotes the change

“Not having an executive sponsor has been our biggest barrier to success over the last 5 years.”

                                                            – Nurse and sustainability champion

Through our work guiding systems-change and sustainability programs over the years, we’ve compiled some tips to help you identify and maximize success with your sponsors and champions. 

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