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Hospital Member Toolkits

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide you with resources and samples for further developing your programs without needing to reinvent the wheel. This toolkit is intended for use by hopitals, health care systems and other stakeholders that are members of Practice Greenhealth.

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Assessment Tools

  • Eco-Checklist

Sample Green Team LogosStep-By-Step Guides

  • A Guide for Creating Effective Green Teams in Health Care
  • Sound Management for Better Patient Outcomes
  • Managing Pharmaceutical Waste: A 10-Step Blueprint for Healthcare Facilities in the United States
  • Ten-Step Guide to Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP): This printable guide provides practical steps to starting EPP in your facility or organization.
  • Ten-Step Guide to Implementing a Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Program
  • Ten-Step Guide to Food Composting
  • Ten-Step Guide to a Sustainable Grounds Policy
  • Ten-Step Guide to Implementing a Regulated Medical Waste Reduction Plan
  • Ten-Step Guide to Green Cleaning Implementation
  • Ten-Step Guide to Implementing an Integrated Pest Management Program

Environmental Commitment Statements

  • Northern Michigan Regional Hospital’s Environmental Responsibility Statement
  • Covenant Health Systems Sustainable Design, Construction, and Building Operations Philosophy
  • Boulder Community Hospital’s Principles of Environmental and Recycling Efforts
  • Mercy General Hospital’s Environmental Policy

Environmental Stewardship Brochures

  • CHW’s Environmental Commitment Brochure
  • Metro Health Hospital’s Environmental Sustainablity Brochure
  • St. Mary’s Hospital Environmental Stewardship Brochure
  • Sacred Heart Hospital Environmental Stewardship Brochure

Sample Training & Education Materials

Joint Commission Physical Environment Portal

The Joint Commission identified several Standards that have been frequently cited during survey activity over the past few years. This portal, in partnership with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), will provide information to reduce findings of non-compliance. This portal is open to all and available at no charge. New resources are added every two months.

Focus of the Portal:

  • Eight EOC and Life Safety standards
  • Improved patient safety with best practices in the patient care environment and high reliability practices for leadership to assess and ensure compliance

Joint Commission Physical Environment Portal


Sustainability Infrastructure

  • Advocate Health Care 2010 Environmental Stewardship Report
  • Catholic Healthcare West 2010 Social Responsibility Report
  • Cleveland Clinic Heath System 2011 United Nations Global Compact Report
  • Inova Health System 2010 Sustainability Report
  • Kaiser Permanente 2009 Community Benefit Report
  • New York Presbyterian Sustainability Council Organizational Chart
  • Cleveland Clinic Organizational Chart
  • A Guide for Creating Effective Green Teams in Health Care
  • Sample Job Description for Sustainability Director: Provided by the Sustainable Operations Workgroup of the Global Health and Safety Initiative
  • Sample Job Description for Sustainability Coordinator: Provided by HCA (Hospital Corporation of America)
  • Sample Job Description for Senior Environmental Sustainability Advisor: Provided by Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital
  • Sample Job Description for Environmental Sustainability Advisor: Provided by Dartmouth-Hitchcock
  • Sample Job Description for Manager, Sustainability Programs
  • NESEA’s Green Teamwork Project: Researching and Supporting Massachusetts Teams Creating High-Performance Buildings
  • Sample Green Team logos can be seen on the right side of this screen above.

Sustainability Manager Salary Survey Results and Analysis

  • Sustainability Coordinator Survey Responses
  • Sustainability Coordinator Salary Survey Summary

Green Dividends: Sustainability Case Studies

  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center: Managing Waste Upstream & Downstream
  • Gundersen Lutheran Health System: Retrocommissioning
  • St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center: New Cancer Center and Living Green Roof

Practice Greenhealth Member Spotlights

  • Mary Ellen Leciejewski, OP – CHW Ecology Program Coordinator
    Catholic Healthcare West
  • Josh Miller – Sustainability Coordinator
    Spectrum Health
  • Linda Ward – Sr. Director/Hospitality Services
    Northern Michigan Regional Hospital

Inspire Your Team

As part of Practice Greenhealth’s collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, we are making this eye-catching and innovative set of posters available to our members for download and print.

Member Facility Environmental Stewardship Web Pages

As stewardship programs mature, communication and marketing departments are joining with Green Teams to strategize about how to communicate stewardship activities to staff, patients and the community. Effective communication and engagement strategies can extend the commitment beyond the walls of the organization, into the community and into homes. Engaging people individually can help them become champions of organizational goals. While several hospitals and health systems have started creating formal sustainability reports, others are developing external web pages, where staff and community members can learn more about their stewardship activities.

Let us know of your page so we can peruse various members communication strategies and engage marketing and design teams in the opportunities to educate, motivate and celebrate their commitment to environmental health.

Sample Posters

  • Beth Israel’s Portrait Of Poster Campaign
  • Continuum Environmental Quality Award Winner Poster
  • Kaiser Permanente’s Regulated Medical Waste Poster
  • Kaiser Permanente’s Where Does it Go? Poster
  • Gundersen Lutheran’s Chemo Waste Separation Poster
  • St. Joseph Medical Center’s January to April 2007 Savings Poster
  • Providence Health & Services Blue Bag Recycling Poster
  • Continuum Health Partners Electronics Recycling Poster
  • Continuum Health Partners Recycling Rewards Poster


  • The Business Case for Greening the Health Care Sector
  • The Business Case for Joining Practice Greenhealth
  • Addressing Climate Change in the Health Care Setting
  • 2012 Environmental Excellence Awards Sustainability Benchmark Report
  • 2011 Environmental Excellence Awards Sustainability Benchmark Report
  • 2010 Environmental Excellence Awards Sustainability Benchmark Report
  • 2009 Environmental Excellence Awards Sustainability Benchmark Report

Using the Practice Greenhealth Logo

  • Members of Practice Greenhealth have permission to use the Practice Greenhealth Member Logo in a variety of ways to indicate their membership in Practice Greenhealth. You must read and accept the Logo Use Guidelines and Restrictions before you can download any of the graphic files.

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