Supply chain options to reduce the impacts from freight


The SmartWay Transport Partnership is a voluntary collaboration between EPA and the freight industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution. SmartWay Transport Partners lead the way towards a cleaner, more efficient transportation future by adopting fuel-saving strategies that increase profits and reduce emissions. The program applies to:

  • Shippers – any company that ships or receives items delivered by truck or rail transport
  • Carriers – companies that are truck owner-operators, private fleets, rail companies, and public for-hire fleets

These suggested RFP response questions for suppliers regarding EPA SmartWay participation can be taken into consideration when purchasing distribution services and other contracts where products or services are delivered to hospitals. EPA's SmartWay Program provides an opportunity for hospitals, who ship and receive items delivered by truck or rail transport to join as a Partner to minimize the impact from fuel use by freight. 

Hospital purchasers can ask/require suppliers to be an EPA SmartWay Shipper or Carrier Partner to reduce their impacts from freight transportation. 

Hospital purchasers can ask their Group Purchasing Organization to select suppliers that are an EPA SmartWay Shipper or Carrier Partner.

Suppliers can join EPA's SmartWay Program as a Shipper or Carrier Partner (carrier owns their trucks or has a private fleet) to reduce their transportation-related emissions that affect climate change, reduce the environmental risk for companies and increase global energy security.

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