Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital: Climate and health resilience


The 132-patient room, 378,000 square foot Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital was built to replace an aging facility originally designed as a nursing home and that could no longer meet the demands of the community in its existing space. Offered as a development site by the City of Boston, the hospital has become an exemplar of resilience strategy and planning. It's design integrates essential program requirements, a therapeutic environment, climate resilience, and beauty.

Spaulding is a hospital of the future that is designed for resilience and an ability to continue operations in the event of extreme weather events and sea level rise or surge, as a result of climate change. The remediation and redevelopment of a waterfront brownfield site reflects Spaulding’s commitment to the “rehabilitation of people and place,” to the City of Boston, the community of Charlestown and the goal of providing access to water for therapeutic purposes.

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