Leadership spotlight profiles


Transitioning grassroots or departmental greening initiatives towards a formalized sustainability plan requires an engaged leadership team. And it's no coincidence that the furthest-reaching health care facilities have firm leadership engagement. Engaged leaders help move sustainability initiatives beyond specific areas of success and reach across all departments and initiatives with a direct link to the strategic direction of the organization. 

When health care leaders can articulate why this work is important on a personal level and then operationalize that commitment throughout the medical center, they will demonstrate serious quality outcomes. That's what the Leadership spotlight profiles are all about.

Leaders learn best from their peers. The Leadership spotlight profiles highlight engaged leaders and engage other hospitals and health systems. These leaders recognize the opportunity for personal and organizational transformation and are ready to walk, talk, and envision a healthier future  a future where planetary and human health are interconnected – where the Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm" is prominently observed.

Leadership talks, walks, and envisions a healthier future


Lloyd Dean
Dignity Health
President and CEO



Raymond J. Baxter, PhD
Kaiser Permanente International
Senior Vice President
Community Benefit, Research and Health Policy



Leslie Davis
Magee-Womens Hospital of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center



Jeffrey Thompson, MD
Gundersen Health System
Chief Executive Officer



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