Integrated pest management webinar: Partnerships and tools to implement a program


Integrated pest management (IPM) programs have the benefit of protecting staff, patients, and visitors from exposure to pesticides that are linked to adverse health impacts, including respiratory impacts, cancers, neurological disorders, and reproductive problems. A defined IPM program is a pest management strategy focusing on long-term, non-chemical strategies for prevention and suppression of pest problems through a combination of structural, cultural, mechanical, physical, and biological controls, with least-hazardous pesticides used only as a last resort. The program focuses on removing or altering the pest-conducive conditions that lead to pest infestations. Defined IPM establishes a clear program with interdepartmental communication that avoids a dependency on toxic pesticides. In this session, learn from leaders in health care who have implemented comprehensive, defined IPM programs at health care facilities. Learn about strategic partnerships to advance IPM, purchasing guidance, best practices, and strategies to overcome barriers.


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