Green employee benefit community-supported agriculture guide

Employee engagement toolkit


(Employee engagement toolkit) Green employee benefits can facilitate behavior changes with tangible results which also measurably benefit the environment. They have the potential to accelerate meaningful environmental impacts and bring sustainability values deeper into the fabric of an organization. The services can help retain and attract employees, as well as benefit their health and financial well-being.

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs are successfully operated at a number of hospitals throughout the country, and the popularity of programs is increasing steadily. Facilities that host CSA’s receive the benefits of a farmers market while having fewer space and oversight requirements. Hospitals that lack the space or foot traffic to sustain a farmers market may consider hosting a CSA. Many farms offer members the opportunity to participate in farm visits and work days. Through CSAs, local farms benefit from a guaranteed investment in farm operations, making long-term planning and farm management less volatile and dependent on market forces, while members get access to fresh, locally grown produce.

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