Green benefits: Implementing employee perks in your organization


Recruitment, retention and satisfaction is on the mind of health care leaders. 2018 marked an 18.5 percent turnover rate in the health care sector, the highest rate in a decade. Last year, 24 percent of new hires left within a year. High turnover combined with health care growth is creating staffing gaps, which impact the bottom line. The average cost for one replaced health care worker is $60,000.

The next generation of health care workers seek employers that share their values and beliefs. Surveys indicate that most people are concerned about climate change and the number of people concerned grows every year. Health Care organizations that share this concern, and connect the impacts of climate change to environmental and human health, can create a competitive advantage in the recruitment of the best and brightest nurses, physicians, and employees. Learn how environmental stewardship and green employee benefits can support recruitment strategies and help your organization stand out in your region.

In 2018, Virginia Mason Memorial implemented employee benefits that have a positive impact on the environment and community health. Learn about Virginia Mason’s community supported agriculture boxes, farmers' market, electric bike discounts, indoor bike parking, shower facility, and carpooling assistance.

Practice Greenhealth’s Green Employee Benefits offering provides resources to further success at your organization. A facilitated group discussion will identify implementation barriers and together the group will brainstorm solutions. Practice Greenhealth will capture names of individuals interested in furthering the discussion. Join us and help bring sustainability into human resources in the form of recruitment, retention, and green employee benefits.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the value of a green employee benefit offering for recruitment, retention, satisfaction, and creating a culture of health.
  • Overcome barriers to implementing green employee benefits offerings at your organization.
  • Learn about Virginia Mason’s offerings including but not limited to community supported agriculture boxes, Energy Sage Home Solar Assistance, electric bike discount - indoor bike parking and shower facility, carpooling assistance, farmers market, recycling drop-off for Yakima residents, and green retirement fund options. 
  • Learn how to market and communicate green employee benefit offerings
  • Create a plan of action to implement at least two green employee benefits offerings.

Directions: Follow the link below and use your Greenhealth Academy log-in information to access the 2019 CleanMed recording. Once logged in, browse the recordings for session B5 titled "Green Benefits: Implementing Employee Perks in Your Organization." 


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