Environmental considerations for roofing


According to Department of Energy, low-slope roofing—the kind most commonly used in commercial buildings—is one of the most
environmentally damaging building materials. The following sample RFI/ RFP questions have been developed and listed in table format so they can be integrated easily into a pricing template or used in other formats.

These questions address basic environmental and human environmental health issues related to roofing materials and systems. We recommend that you use all questions and prefer suppliers that provide the most preferred responses. Additionally, hospitals may be able to achieve LEED credits (www.usgbc.org) through purchase and installation of roofing products or systems meeting one or more of these criteria. Thus, we encourage you to integrate the answers into the information customers receive about the final contract products and suppliers. Even if a hospital is not seeking credits, they may want to use the information to make more informed selections.


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