Developing a complete Scope 3 inventory & action plan

Virtual event recording 


Sustainability staff at Carilion Clinic walk you through their journey to develop the health system’s first Scope 3 emissions inventory. 

• Learn about all 15 categories of Scope 3 emissions and how to develop your organization’s Scope 3 emissions inventory by using the new Health Care Emissions Impact Calculator for facilities and health systems.
• Understand which Scope 3 categories are easier to reduce than others and the challenges to reducing Scope 3 emissions.
• Develop strategies and an action plan to reduce your organization’s Scope 3 emissions.

Gain a basic understanding of each of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s 15 categories of Scope 3 GHG emissions. Learn how to develop a complete Scope 3 GHG emissions inventory and the various interventions an organization can take to reduce Scope 3 emissions. Know the next step you can take to toward a viable intervention to reduce Scope 3 emissions and how to develop a strategic action plan to achieve net-zero emissions.

“We share an honest account of our steps and stumbles, tools, tips and tricks, sticking points, and decision points. We also highlight how to use a GHG inventory to educate and influence internal and external stakeholders to develop a decarbonization strategy for your health system.” — Sara Wohlford, Carilion Clinic's director of sustainability


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