10 key elements for sustainable procurement programs

Sustainable procurement guide


There are ten key elements in a best-in-class sustainable procurement program. The image below summarizes each element and where it is found in the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle,  a framework for developing and implementing a successful program.

To learn more about each element and the PDCA cycle, refer to Practice Greenhealth’s sustainable procurement guide for health care. The guide serves as a roadmap for both new and existing programs and provides step-by-step guidance, tools, and resources for health care organizations to develop a sustainable purchasing strategy that prioritizes community and environmental health and safety while reducing costs. Highlights from 25 health systems from around the world illustrate the implementation of the elements. 

Make significant strides toward integrating industry-leading sustainable procurement practices that will save your facility money, maximize the efficiency of your operations, and distinguish your organization as a leader in the field.

Learn more in our sustainable procurement guide for health care


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