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One of the greatest benefits of joining the Practice Greenhealth network is the connections between hospitals and health systems that share the common goal of making sustainable products, technologies, services, and care the standard across health care.

The Market Transformation Group brings together our member hospitals and health systems to help drive change within the total health care supply chain.

Hospitals and health systems can help suppliers provide more sustainably sourced products, technologies, and services by working together and coordinating criteria to create significant demand in specific areas for procurement.

The combined buying power of our members creates significant demand for sustainable and safer products and services and gives suppliers the incentive to respond to this demand by making responsibly sourced materials available across the health care sector.

Engagement initiatives are carefully chosen by staff based upon a balance of the following criterion:

  • Alignment with strategic impact priorities and capacities
  • Level of interest by a critical mass of hospital and health systems partners 
  • Potential for broad supplier engagement
  • Potential target market impact

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency of each initiative, participation will be limited to those hospital partners who are able to meet a set of prerequisites.

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