Great Lakes region

Virtual cohort group


Hospital and health system sustainability professionals from across the upper Midwest (primarily IL, IN MI, MN, OH, WI) share region-specific experiences and tips where climate, natural resources, and auto and agriculture industries may present barriers and opportunities to innovation and impact.

Target audience: Sustainability leads and other personnel located in the Great Lakes region mentioned above

Level: All (Beginners to advanced)


Matt Pietro Facilitator:
Matthew Pietro

“I really enjoyed the personal connection between cohort peers, a lot of the time my sustainability job is a lonely one.”
– Cohort participant

A dozen hospitals from across the Great Lakes region meet quarterly to grow their network. Below are some of the facilities represented in the cohort:

  • Advocate Aurora Health
  • Allina Health System
  • Aspirus 
  • HealthPartners
  • IU Health
  • Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Michigan Medicine
  • Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
  • OSF Healthcare 
  • Rush University Medical Center
  • Spectrum Health
  • SSM Health 
  • UW (University of Wisconsin) Health


2024 Schedule

February 9, 2024 11:00 AM EST

Advancing health professional sustainability leadership in the Great Lakes region

Discussion questions:

  1. Does your facility or system currently have a clinical/medical director of sustainability or equivalent? 
  2. How have you engaged health professional leadership in your sustainability efforts? 
  3. What local or regional resources have you utilized to engage health professionals in sustainability work?
August 9, 2024 11:00 AM EST

Participants will discuss ways to streamline tracking processes and promote environmentally and socially responsible sourcing within supply chains. Explore innovative, data-driven approaches for monitoring and enhancing sustainable procurement practices.

Discussion questions:

  1. What challenges do you face with data collection and analysis when assessing the environmental and social impact of procurement practices, and how can they be overcome?
  2. How can data-driven insights from sustainable procurement tracking be effectively communicated to stakeholders, drive organizational buy-in, and promote greater accountability?
  3. What metrics and indicators are most relevant for measuring the success of sustainable procurement efforts, and how can we ensure they accurately reflect environmental and social impacts?
  4. How can organizations collaborate to establish industry-wide standards and benchmarks for sustainable procurement tracking, fostering greater consistency, and comparability across supply chains?

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December 6, 2024 11:00 AM EST


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