Affiliate Premium Partners

Industry Partner Benefits


Affiliate partners are manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, or other supply chain partners. As a key player in the health care supply chain, your partnership and collaboration are paramount to our work.

The premium level was created because we heard from our supplier partners and others that they were interested in new, different ways to engage and collaborate with Practice Greenhealth and our network hospitals and health systems. So, we developed exclusive events and opportunities to participate in throughout the year. 

“We're excited to not only get access to the resources and benchmark data but engage with Practice Greenhealth in a new way. We're all in this together!” – Premium partner

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Upcoming engagements

Learn more about premium partner benefits and how to get involved. If not a current premium partner, please contact us


State of the industry event with our founder, Gary Cohen

What is it?

A twice-yearly web conference (more like a "fireside chat") featuring Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth founder and president, Gary Cohen. Gary will share his insights and observations about our collective work, highlighting the challenges and opportunities we have before us.

Who should attend?

Stakeholders of Affiliate Premium partners of Practice Greenhealth who work with hospitals and health systems across the US and Canada. This is a great opportunity to invite leaders and other business partners in your organization to hear directly from Gary what we have to do to transform health care...together.

Why should I attend?

Supply chain partners play an important role in building a more sustainable, equitable health care system. We know that environmentally preferred products (EPP) and the sustainability of our supply chains contribute to our hospital and health system stakeholders in making strategic decisions. Sometimes you need a little inspiration and sometimes you just need the unvarnished information. Gary delivers both.

When are they held?

Twice annually, in the spring and fall.

Next event: Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern

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Annual sustainability benchmark preview

What is it?

Interest is growing in how hospitals measure and report on their sustainability and environmental performance. As key partners, suppliers are keenly interested in these performance metrics but also how they can help health care organizations reach their sustainability goals. The annual Sustainability Benchmark Preview will explore Practice Greenhealth’s preliminary benchmark data, reflections, and takeaways for the current year, and discuss opportunities and challenges going into 2022.

Who should attend?

Stakeholders of Affiliate Premium partners of Practice Greenhealth who work with hospitals and health systems across the US and Canada

Why should I attend?

The role supply chain partners play in helping shape sustainability outcomes in hospitals is important now more than ever. Join us for a preview to reflect and discuss our benchmark data with our expert, Lara Sutherland.

When are they held?

Annually, late-summer before Practice Greenhealth publishes the Sustainability Benchmark report.

Next event: TBD 2022

Industry roundtables

Partner forums

What is it?

Once a quarter, we'll feature up to four (4) affiliate premium partners to introduce, share, and spark conversation with the Practice Greenhealth network at large. We encourage and invite our hospital and health system partners to attend this quarterly event to learn more about you - our affiliate premium partners.

Affiliate premium partners may share information about their company's sustainability efforts and achievements, and engage with hospital partners to advance healthcare sustainability.

Who should attend?

Other affiliate premium partners who wish to get to know and possibly collaborate with other healthcare value chain partners working to transform health care and assist our hospital partners in achieving their sustainability goals.

And, as mentioned above, we'll invite our hospital partner to attend to get to know you.

Why should I attend?

If health care is everyone's business, then certainly transforming health care should be also. The challenges of environmental stewardship, climate health, and addressing the social determinants of health stand to benefit from the creativity and collective work of all organizations and voices.

When are they held?


Next event: Wednesday, November 10, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern

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We’ll record the sessions to allow all partners (hospitals and other industry partners) to access these forums on-demand via Greenhealth Academy.

Practice Greenhealth Collaboratory (pilot)

What is it?

This group provides a forum for precompetitive collaboration on key sustainable business issues. It also offers companies the opportunity to network with their peers and share their experiences and best practices in an environment that promotes learning and respects confidentiality.

Join Practice Greenhealth

Practice Greenhealth is the health care sector’s go-to source for information, tools, data, resources, and expert technical support on sustainability initiatives that help hospitals and health systems meet their health, financial, and community goals.

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