2024 Stephanie Davis Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Award recipients

Published: 05/15/2024 - 11:13

The Stephanie Davis Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Award and Scholarship is an enduring tribute to Davis, who worked with Health Care Without Harm at its inception in 1996. Davis was a tireless champion of the movement toward sustainable health care who worked to reduce waste and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and materials in health care products and processes. The awardees will receive scholarships to attend CleanMed 2024.

Join us in celebrating this year’s awardees:

Briana Chang 

Briana Chang, programs assistant, is recognized for her advocacy in building sustainable economic practices at One World Surgery.

“I am deeply honored to receive this opportunity that will further my efforts in establishing a circular economy within the health care industry. I look forward to continuing Davis’ legacy by learning and collaborating with fellow innovators at CleanMed 2024!”


Ivy Lin 

Ivy Lin, general practice resident assistant director, is recognized for her climate mitigation efforts in the dental field at the University of Washington School of Dentistry.

“As one of a handful of dentists in the country focused on reducing waste and pollution from dental care, I sometimes feel isolated in an academic environment where projects centered on clinical outcomes are predominant. I am honored and grateful to receive this scholarship, and very excited to be able to meet and share ideas with other clinicians who have a passion for environmentally responsible health care.”


Cameron Lock 

Cameron Lock, waste management lead, is recognized for his expert guidance in waste reduction and prevention at Kelowna General Hospital.

“As health professionals in British Columbia, we hold the responsibility and duty of ensuring our organizations are doing the utmost work in environmental sustainability so that others may follow. Waste management is a complex and evolving situation that requires much more work. I am excited to attend CleanMed 2024 to meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals to reach our goals of a healthier system for everyone.”


Ashley Politi 
Ashley Politi, RN, is recognized for her perseverance and leadership in climate change efforts at El Camini Hospital.

“Being recognized for my efforts in waste reduction and prevention is both humbling and inspiring. This opportunity to attend CleanMed will not only allow me to further my knowledge and skills in this crucial area, but enable me to contribute more effectively to creating a more sustainable and environmentally responsible health care system.”


Louisa Shelby
Louisa Shelby, MSN, RN, IBCL, is recognized for her championship for health equity and sustainability at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center

“Attending Clean Med will help support my goal of improving workplace sustainability. I am determined to decrease my hospital's environmental impact to mitigate climate change, and the effects of medical and employee waste on the health of patients, the community, and the ecosystem. In particular, I am concerned about the disproportionate effect environmental issues have on the perinatal and infant populations and want to gain tools to improve health equity.”

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