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This presentation addresses how to minimize your organization’s electronic waste by allowing for the reuse of all functioning equipment at the time that it is ‘retired’ from use, and to ensure that what must be sent for recycling is processed by a responsible and properly certified recycler. 

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the country.  e-Stewards estimates as little as 11-14% of e-waste is recycled in the United States and an estimated 70-80 % of the e-waste given to recycle centers is exported to less developed countries.  E-waste is a hazardous waste because it contains mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium, and brominated flame retardants.  When this waste stream isn’t managed in the proper way, these toxic materials can cause many health problems which include endocrine disruption, reproductive disorders, cancer, and many others.  Toxic chemicals in electronics do not break down over time, they accumulate in the biosphere when dumped in landfills. These toxins present risks to communities, the global ecosystem and recycling workers.


  • Learn about the breadth of e-waste that requires oversight:  handheld devices, personal computers, servers, datacenter technology, medical equipment etc.
  • Learn why recycling retired equipment alone is not the right answer for sustainability.
  • Learn why using an uncertified recycler is not the right answer for sustainability.
  • Learn why data sanitation is crucial to allow for the reuse of your equipment.
  • Learn how to communicate and quantify the enormous cost savings your organization may be missing in its e-waste processing.


Mike Enberg, e-Stewards Enterprise Director, Basel Action Network
Mike Enberg is the corporate sustainability evangelist at the non-profit Basel Action Network, the world's leading resource for electronic waste recycling support. Mike helps companies, governments and institutions manage their "e-waste" (the most toxic thing a company produces) in a globally responsible way -- and then get credit where due. Mike comes from the for-profit world where he developed marketing and sales programs for Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton, Abercrombie & Kent, Virtuoso, World Elite MasterCard and ecotourism companies worldwide. He holds a BA in marketing and political science from the University of Washington.

Kerri Ann Carlin, Vice President of Sales, Green Delete Inc.
Kerri Ann is a Vice President of Sales for Green Delete Inc., a Chicago based services firm with international certifications for data sanitation and asset management including the first of its kind e-Steward’s Enterprise Data Security Designee.  Green Delete has developed a proprietary mobile technology that provides onsite data sanitation to securely eradicate data from decommissioned storage media, alleviating risk and liability for the client while enabling them to recapture economic value and recycle assets responsibly.  Kerri Ann has spent her entire career in technology in roles ranging from systems engineering to managing a consulting business.  She spent 13 years with Microsoft prior to her current position with Green Delete, where much of her tenure was focused on the financial services and healthcare industries.

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