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{Past Event} - Supplier Solutions: Reduce Water Bottle Use with Evive

March 30, 2016 - 2:00 pm - March 30, 2016 - 3:00 pm -- Eastern Daylight Time


What's better than recycling? RE-USING!

With the Evive Station you can conveniently Refill and Sanitize the Evive Reusable bottle for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Reduce disposable plastic bottle waste, track daily hydration goals, improve staff wellness, and enjoy healthy flavored waters. The Evive Wellness Program can assist your facility in achieving your HHI goals for "Healthy Food and Beverages' and the 'Less Waste Challenge."

Evive Station is the world's first and only beverage kiosk capable of conveniently cleaning your reusable bottle and cap inside/out and refilling with your choice of chilled, purified water or a refreshing Efused fruit flavored infused water.

  • Evive vs traditional water fountains: Evive is a closed sanitary system that can efficiently sanitize your bottle/cap and refill with highly filtered UV water. Traditional water fountains are expensive, exposed to bacteria, and almost always offer unfiltered water.
  • Improve Staff Wellness: Evive Station is the healthy, hydrating alternative to Sugary Soda Beverages (SSBs).
  • Reduce Disposable Plastic Bottle Waste: A single Evive Station can save over 100,000 single-use disposable bottles from facility waste stream, local landfills, and water bodies every year!
  • Hygiene: In less than a minute our station can conveniently sanitize the Evive Bottle and cap, providing a healthy and hygienic beverage solution for the healthcare environment.
  • Track Progress: Track individual hydration goals on your green score card and obtain facility wide hydration data via our web portal.
  • Save Energy: Station is energy efficient: it uses less energy to individually clean 25 reusable bottles than an energy star-rated dishwasher can clean all 25 simultaneously and has a daily operating cost of only $1.24; also less energy is used by a station compared to hand washing. The Evive Station process has a carbon footprint of about 50% less than bottled water.
  • Incentivize: Provide wellness incentives for employees that meet and exceed goals set by your company.

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