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{Past Event} - Sharing Success! How to Prepare for the EPA Showing up at your Door!

September 15, 2006 - 2:00 pm - September 15, 2006 - 2:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


EPA could show up at your facility any day to conduct a multi media inspection. Learn from an EPA inspector about findings and violations common for health care facilities and how best to prepare for and respond to an inspector. Learn about Caritas Christi's full compliance audit approach to ensure preparedness at their multiple facilities.

Takehome Value

Participants will have an understanding of the EPA's multi-media inspection process for health care facilities and the types of problems being identified, and some strategies to help make inspections less painful. Don't greet the EPA inspector like a deer in headlights! Learn how you can prepare for and welcome the EPA into your facility with confidence. Learn how to make this an opportunity for regulatory preparedness and fold into an ongoing, long term commitment to pollution prevention, safety and compliance. Preparedness, prevention and goal setting can cover JCAHO requirements and H2E program simultaneously.


Janet Brown, Hospitals for a Healthy Environment
Janet Brown joined Hospitals for a Healthy Environment as Partner Coordinator in 2004. Janet works with “partner” facilities across the nation in their environmental goal setting and program implementation. Janet is on the Steering Committee of the H2E-Sponsored Green Guide for Health Care, a self-certifying tool to improve healthcare’s design, construction, and daily operations. Janet writes a column “Greening Your Practice” for Holistic Primary Care, a magazine for primary care physicians. Janet coordinated health care environmental management programs for Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City from 1991 – 2004. Beth Israel received numerous awards including the EPA’s Environmental Quality Award in 2001. Janet lives in Amherst, MA with her husband and two children.

Kathleen Malone, EPA Region 2
Telephone: 212/637-4083
Kathleen Malone graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mount Holyoke College with a B.A. in math and economics. After graduation, she spent two years at an economic consulting firm in Cambridge, MA before joining the EPA in 1992. Until May of 1998, she was an air inspector for EPA’s Region II office which governs New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. She currently works for the Region’s Compliance Assistance and Program Support Branch where she is trying to help businesses and federal facilities understand and comply with environmental regulations and promote pollution prevention as the preferred method of environmental protection.

Andrea Williams, Caritas St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Telephone: 617-562-5671
Andrea Williams is the Corporate Compliance Officer at Caritas Christi Health Care System (Caritas Christi), which is the second largest health care system in Massachusetts. Ms. Williams' primary responsibilities include oversight of the system's day-to-day compliance activities to ensure the evaluation and demonstration of program effectiveness. Ms. Williams is supported by a multidisciplinary team of in-house experts- including affiliate compliance officers, clinicians, auditors, accountants and external counsel- who guide and direct Caritas Christi's compliance in areas of education and training, environmental laws, reporting and auditing, coding and health information management, patient privacy, fraud and abuse. Ms. Williams has worked at Caritas Christi for 16 years and has nearly a decade of experience in the areas of compliance and regulatory issues.

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