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{Past Event} - Red Bag Reduction 101 – How to reduce your generate rate and save money!

April 14, 2006 - 1:00 pm - April 14, 2006 - 1:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


Are you generating more than five pounds of Regulated Medical Waste per bed per day in your inpatient facility? Learn how to reduce your generation rate and associated costs! No other initiative saves more than red bag reduction – Join us and learn the basics of red bag reduction and cost savings!

Takehome Value

Assess your red bag generation rate and rate your red bag generation success! Are you good-to-go or are there things you can do to further reduce red bags and associated costs. This call will give you the tools to assess your facility. Should you need to focus on RMW reduction, this call will take you step by step through the process from working with infection control to evaluating, to conducting walk throughs, preparation, program development, kick off, training and reporting. We’ll cover it all!

Helpful LInks

Minnesota Technical Assistance Program’s Suction Canister Reduction:


Janet Brown, Hospitals for a Healthy Environment
After working as the Medical Waste Manager for 13 years at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, Janet joined H2E as the Partner Coordinator in 2004. Janet works with individual partner facilities in their data collection, goal setting, implementation and maintenance of environmental programs. In her years at Beth Israel, Janet worked with staff to improve segregation of RMW, resulting in over $1,000,000 in cost savings per year, system wide. Cost savings through improved material management resulted in a senior level commitment to environmental management programs.

Amy Piser, Antos Environmental, H2E Champion since 2002
Telephone: 518/325-5410
Ms. Piser has served with Antos Environmental for over 10 years and is uniquely qualified to successfully managed Pollution Prevention Initiatives in healthcare organizations around the country. Ms Piser works with Local and Federal governments to develop new policies and procedures for healthcare. She works harmoniously with all departments to support and lead new proposed policies through the approved channels, create the language for new manuals and provide education to implement change. Ms. Piser directs the infrastructure development, all financial management and reporting, systems development and implementation pertaining to waste flow, collection, storage, etc. within each client. She is completely dedicated both personally and professionally to pollution prevention in the healthcare industry as well as our environment.

Vic Tuttle, Borgess Medical Center – H2E Partner since 2000
Telephone: 269/998-3015
Vic has been with Borgess Medical Center for the last 6 years serving as the Director of Maintenance and Engineering, Medical Electronics. He oversees a staff of ten direct reports and 35 indirect reports. Prior to that he has approximately 15 years of maintenance and engineering managerial experience in education, food, automotive and rail transportation industries.

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