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{Past Event} - Operations Series: Acoustics: Sound Reduction in Healing Environments

August 22, 2008 - 4:00 pm - August 22, 2008 - 4:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


While it may seem that we live in a visual culture, dominated by television, you tube, computer graphics, and print media, you, your patients and staff, learn from and respond to what is heard. This presentation will focus on the auditory environment, including noise and information, providing a structure in which sound can be effectively managed to mirror the ethics and values of the organization. Learning Objectives: The risks inherent to the sound environment to their employees and customers, including privacy; Three strategies for mitigating noise that they can do immediately; The organizational stakes and strategies to manage the auditory environment.


Susan E. Mazer, Healing HealthCare Systems
Telephone: 1-800-348-0799
Susan’s principal areas of service are noise management strategies for hospitals, design and implementation of healing environments, and patient privacy. Her accomplishments include bringing the issue of hospital noise to the forefront of hospital concern through designing accredited educational programs for nurses and presenting at national conferences. In December of 2007, she was acknowledged as an industry leader in the “Who’s Who” of FacilityCare for her work in hospital noise control. She is the co-author of “Sound Choices: Using Music to Design the Environments in which You Live, Work, and Heal”, published in 1999 by Hay House. Healing HealthCare Systems produces the C.A.R.E. Channel, 24-hour relaxation programming for patient television, and is currently working with over 400 hospitals nationally. Currently, Susan is working on her doctorate in human and organizational systems at the Fielding Graduate University. She is also an internationally known jazz harpist, composer and recording artist.

Anjali Joseph, The Center fro Health Design
Telephone: 925-521-9404
Trained as an architect, Anjali has a Ph.D. in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia. She leads and coordinates the research activities at The Center. She works closely with the Center’s member healthcare organizations called the Pebble Partners in developing their research agenda, identifying research partners and in communicating the results of their research efforts through different channels. Her current work focuses on understanding how the environment influences health and well being of occupants, especially in the healthcare context. Her areas of expertise include healthcare design research, activity friendly environments, qualitative and quantitative research methods and research applications in design. Dr. Joseph has been actively involved in several different research projects aimed at understanding the relationship between architecture and health. Peer reviewed articles authored by Dr. Joseph have been published in refereed journals such as Environment & Behavior, Current Opinion in Critical Care, Building Research & Information, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Senior Housing and Care Journal and Journal of Housing for the elderly. She is a regular speaker at many national conferences such as Healthcare Design, Institute for Healthcare Improvement Forum (IHI), American College of Healthcare Executives conference, Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) etc.

Kathryn Collins, Jersey Shore

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