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A must attend for senior leadership at hospitals!

Jeff Thompson, MD will share his tips for leadership and sustainability programming – for the bottom line, for the community, for staff, patients and the planet. Gundersen Health has won numerous accolades, including Practice Greenhealth's Top 25 Award and the first hospital to achieve energy independence, meaning, at Gundersen, they generate MORE energy than they use. They hit this milestone on October 14, 2014. Gundersen reduced their energy use by 40% and realized savings of over $2 million per year.

During this call we will:

  • Understand why leadership is critical for sustainability initiatives to reach their full potential and maximize return.
  • Explore leadership's role in sustainability programming.
  • Learn about Practice Greenhealth, Health Care without Harm and the community of organizations that come together to share best practices.
  • Recognize that sustainability staffing pays for itself through cost savings associated with environmental improvement activities.
  • Take away three examples of where doing the right thing reduced costs.

Dr. Thompson, a nationally recognized speaker and voice for the role sustainability plays in quality care is hosting this call as a way to engage other leaders and help them realize the same success that Gundersen has enjoyed. Any hospital – large, small, rural or urban can reduce costs, improve environmental impact, engage workers and the community and do the right thing. Join Dr. Thompson for the leadership perspective on how to integrate environmental improvement activities into health care operations and create a culture of possibilities.


Jeffrey E. Thompson, MD, is a pediatric intensivist and neonatologist, executive advisor and chief executive officer emeritus at Gundersen Health System. Dr. Thompson is on the Board of Practice Greenhealth

Since completing his professional training in 1984, Dr. Thompson has worked full-time solely at Gundersen. He served on Gundersen's boards beginning in 1992 and played a key role in the organization's negotiations and governance design. Dr. Thompson served as executive vice president from 1995 to 2001 and as chief executive officer from 2001 to 2015.

A founding member and past board chair of the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality and a 2013 White House Champion of Change, Dr. Thompson has led Gundersen's nationally-recognized initiatives for patient care, quality improvement and sustainability.

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