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Each year, Practice Greenhealth launches its Sustainability Benchmark Report—an annual analysis of the health care sector's performance on sustainability and environmental stewardship. As sustainability programs face the same financial scrutiny as other programs across the organization—it is imperative to be able to tell the organization's sustainability story with data, and substantiate its value.

Practice Greenhealth has been leading the dialogue around sustainability performance measurement in the health care sector, and has identified the most widely-used set of sector-wide environmental performance metrics. This sharing call will introduce you to the takeaways from the 2016 Sustainability Benchmark Report.

Come to this call and learn how your organization can use data to help define goals, identify year-to year performance trends and understand how your organization performs relative to other high-achieving hospitals.

This is a member-only event

Learning Objectives

  • Highlight key takeaways and trends from the 2016 Sustainability Benchmark Report
  • Answer your questions about environmental program data and performance tracking.
  • Introduce the people, tools and resources that can assist you in building and improving your sustainability performance measurement.


Cecilia DeLoach Lynn

Director, Sector Performance and Recognition, Practice Greenhealth

Cecilia's role at Practice Greenhealth is to assist the organization in developing programmatic content, tools and resources, developing strategy for new sustainability initiatives and determining an industry-wide set of appropriate metrics and tracking mechanisms to monitor the success of healthcare sustainability programs. Cecilia provides sustainability content expertise and leadership to Greenhealth Academy's workshops, trainings, webinars and e-learning offerings as well as the Greening the OR TM Initiative. She is also an accomplished public speaker and trainer, and builds support and awareness for Practice Greenhealth through targeted speaking engagements, stakeholder engagement and outreach. Cecilia brings more than 14 years of experience working with hospitals and healthcare organizations to create customized sustainability programs and goals, and is working with the Practice Greenhealth team to evolve the next set of sustainability performance resources, metrics and tools. She has an MBA with a focus in corporate social responsibility and healthcare administration, is a LEED-accredited professional, and was instrumental in helping update the Green Guide for Healthcare's Operations Credits in 2008.

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Christopher Bodkin

Data Coordinator, Sector Performance & Recognition, Practice Greenhealth

Christopher's role at Practice Greenhealth is to help the sector become more sustainable through data collection, analysis, and reporting. He works with Cecilia DeLoach Lynn on the Sector Performance team to create dynamic metrics and data parameters to maximize both, accessibility of data, as well as what can be learned. Christopher's vision is to create a circumstance where metrics are aligned with fiscal and social responsibilities in the health care sector, thereby creating a natural incentive to encourage leaders to move their organizations in a more sustainable direction. Christopher oversees data collection and reporting for the Healthier Hospitals program, as well as creates content and reports around data.

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