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{Past Event} - How To Series: Sustainable Reporting & Community Engagement: Operations

June 27, 2008 - 1:00 pm - June 27, 2008 - 1:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


Sustainability reporting by hospitals and businesses involved in the health care sector. Sustainability reporting – the practice of reviewing an organizations’ impact on the environment and its efforts to improve – is a practice embraced by leading healthcare institutions and the businesses that serve them. Ceres is a coalition of investors, environmental advocacy groups and corporations committed to improving businesses environmental practices, and developed the Global Reporting Initiative, which is now the de-facto international standard used by over 1,200 companies for corporate reporting on environmental, social and economic performance. In this webinar, you will learn more about Ceres and about how Catholic Healthcare West is implementing its principles and reporting.

Susan Vickers will explain how Catholic Healthcare West has demonstrated a commitment to human health, the environment and communities by endorsing the Ceres Principles for environmental protection and conservation. Ceres is a coalition of investors, environmental advocacy groups and corporations committed to improving businesses environmental practices. By joining Ceres, CHW agreed to operate in accord with the Ceres Principles (see and to make public, on an annual basis and according to a standard format, a report on its performance. CHW considers this commitment to the environment, communities and transparency as an essential expression of its mission.

Susan Roe will overview Ceres work with companies, and how Ceres stakeholder engagement model helps businesses work with a wide range of constituency groups to identify problems, set goals and targets, disclose their actions and develop solutions to social and environmental issues. Susan will also describe some common challenges and solutions in building support for social and environmental sustainability reporting, and identify ways companies are using these reports to reach out to their external stakeholders.


  • Explore the value of sustainability reporting
  • Learn how CHW has integrated environmental stewardship into the organization
  • Understand the environmental improvement structure that is in place to report out on environmental achievements within a multi facility system.
  • Understand the drivers of social and environmental reporting and stakeholder engagement
  • Overcome common challenges to building support for social and environmental reporting and stakeholder engagement
  • Point participants to resources for learning more about social and environmental reporting.


Susan Roe, CERES
Telephone: 617-247-0700 x129
Susan Roe joined Ceres in April 2007 as Manager of Corporate Accountability Programs. She works with Ceres companies and coalition members on sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement and facilitates dialogue between stakeholders and companies to foster corporate sustainability. Susan is responsible for managing relationships with Ceres companies and coalition members in the healthcare and mid-size industrial sectors, among others. Before Ceres, Susan spent 8 years in the human resources field, working as a human resources manager in manufacturing, new media, and printing sectors. Susan has a Masters of Arts in Regional and Economic Social Development from University of Massachusetts Lowell focusing on corporate sustainability disclosure and workplace practices, and has a Bachelor of Arts from Williams College.

Susan Vickers, Catholic Healthcare West
Telephone: 415 438 5511
Sister Susan Vickers is the Vice President of Community Health for Catholic Healthcare West (CHW). She is responsible for directing and overseeing systemwide community benefit initiatives, corporate social responsibility and ecology programs. Susan took a leadership role in developing CHW’s systemwide commitment to improved environmental performance and in the decision-making process which led CHW to endorse the Ceres Principles for environmental protection and conservation. In conjunction with her community health work, Susan directs CHW’s shareholder initiatives. She collaborates with other members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) to raise social responsibility issues with the management of companies in CHW’s investment portfolio. Susan currently serves as board member of Practice Greenhealth, Partners for the Common Good Loan Fund, Mercy Investment Program, and Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. She also serves on the Advisory Committee for the Good Steward Fund, the Catholic Health Initiatives SRI Advisory Committee and the CHRISTUS Health SRI Advisory Committee.

Webinar speakers have no financial or other interest in the sponsoring company and the sponsor has had no input into the content of the presentation.

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