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What do Meat and Office Products have in common? They are both included in a new study, identifying big (and lower) health impacts in purchasing decisions. Wondering how to prioritize environmentally preferable purchasing for the biggest health impact? Join us to hear the findings of a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health and a case study from Partners Health Care’s Brigham and Women’s hospital as they share strategies on including the lens of health and environmental stewardship in contracting for products and services.


  • Identify top purchasing areas to focus on for the biggest bang opportunities for improved health outcomes.
  • Learn how the research team identified the biggest opportunities and lower impact opportunities in this report.
  • Take away three “win win” opportunities for cost saving and environmental improvement success from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


Gregory A. Norris Ph.D., Co-Director, Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE), Harvard School of Public Health

Greg Norris is Adjunct Lecturer with the Harvard School of Public Health, where he teaches life cycle assessment (LCA) and advises graduate students in related research. He is also Visiting Professor with the Applied Sustainability Center at the University of Arkansas, where he serves as Director of Research for The Sustainability Consortium (TSC).

Norris founded New Earth, a non-profit institute developing and deploying technologies that enable people around the world to drive sustainable development “from the bottom up.” Its projects include Earthster (, an open source platform for product-level sustainability assessment; Handprinter (, which helps people take actions at home and at work which more than compensate for their environmental and social “footprints”; and the Social Hot Spots Database (, a transparent data source on supply chain impacts and opportunities for improving human rights, working conditions, community and other social impacts.

In 1996 Norris founded Sylvatica, an international life cycle assessment institute ( which consults on LCA to the UN, governments in the US and abroad, a variety of Fortune 500 companies, industrial associations, and smaller companies, and the non-profit sector. Norris is a member of the Royal Government of Bhutan’s International Expert Working Group, comprised of 50-60 top economists, scientists, philosophers, and accomplished professionals from around the world, commissioned to draft a new global development paradigm to promote wellbeing and happiness as a global goal through effective and pragmatic international public policies. He is an editor for the International Journal of LCA, the Journal of Industrial Ecology, and Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Management.  

Andrew Madden, Director of Materials Management, Brigham & Women's Health Care 

Andrew Madden is the Director of Materials Management for Brigham and Women's Healthcare, a founding member of Partners Healthcare Inc. BWHC is a combination of a large 800 bed AMC (Brigham and Women's Hospital) and a community hospital of 175 beds (Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital). Andrew has been working at Partners for 32 years. Andrew served 19 years at a 300 bed community hospital and his last role at that facility was the Operations Manager of Materials Management. Andrew managed the day to day operations of Supply support, Equipment, Linen, Purchasing, Mailroom, Contracts, Shipping/receiving and Value Analysis with an operating budget of 3 million and a staff of 25. For the past 13 years Andrew has served as the director of MM for BWHC. He manages an operating budget of 10 million, a staff of 150 and supply management of $200 million. Andrew is the chair of several Value Analysis committees, Chair of the Sharps Safety Comm and Chair of the Sustainability program. He also volunteers his time to support many philanthropic events such as the annual golf tournament that he chairs. 

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Dear NAME;
Please join together, as a team, and participate in the Healthier Hospitals Initiative’s FREE webinar entitled “HHI – Smarter Purchasing: Prioritizing Health – Harvard Shares Strategies for Using the Lens of Health for Prioritizing Purchasing Decisions.” In this webinar you will learn about a recent study out of Harvard School of Public Health which prioritizes supply chain purchases based on biggest health impacts.
In our efforts for a healthier environment for staff, patients and the community, we are seeking guidance on priority areas to improve health through the supply chain. Your participation will help drive improved environmental performance, quality, public health and associated cost savings.
You can learn more about the Healthier Hospitals Initiative at

Call Details:
January 28, 2014
2:00 – 3:00 EST Webinar
3:00 – 4:00 EST Post Webinar Team Discussion

Webinar Presenters:

Gregory A. Norris
Co-Director, SHINE
Harvard School of Public Health
Andrew Madden
Director of Materials Management
Brigham & Women's Health Care

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