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{Past Event} - H2E Partners with Outpatient Facilities for Environmental Success!

December 8, 2006 - 1:00 pm - December 8, 2006 - 1:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


H2E Partners with Outpatient Facilities for Environmental Success. Learn real-life success stories to help garner support for implementation of environmental initiatives for off-site or multiple outpatient treatment care areas. Will include rental space, existing infrastructure, contracted cleaning companies, limited storage space and multi-tenanted buildings.


What are some of the challenges surrounding implementation and maintenance of environmental programs in off-site, outpatient treatment areas? Call it a clinic, outpatient care facility, ambulatory care center or day treatment facility - different names, similar challenges. While there is much overlap of environmental issues relating to acute care facilities and outpatient treatment care areas, off-site facilities are often off the environmental radar. An acute care facility may be mercury free, but pass through the off-sites and it may be a different story. Recycling may be full force in the main facility, but the off-site may be left in the dust. Sometimes, off-site, outpatient care areas are coordinated by a different individual than the one responsible for waste initiatives within the acute care facility, so communication and inclusion is imperative in standardized approach to environmental mission. How do we fold in off-sites into the main facility's environmental infrastructure or how do we create programs in free standing outpatient treatment care areas?


Janet Brown, Hospitals for a Healthy Environment
After 13 years as Beth Israel Medical Center’s Medical Waste Manager in New York City, Janet Brown joined the H2E staff as Partner Coordinator in 2004. She is committed to assisting health care facilities in the implementation and maintenance of environmentally responsible health care initiatives, whether it’s getting the work off the ground or working on specific projects. Janet coordinates the monthly H2E teleconference series and is on the Steering Committee for the Green Guide for Health Care. Janet lives in Massachusetts with her husband Dean and children Grafton and Frances.

Missy Vieno Durfey, Kaiser Permanente
Missy Vieno Durfey received her B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst ad her MPH in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Michigan. As a member of the Kaiser Permanente National Environmental, Health and Safety department she assists the Colorado region with the management of their environmental stewardship program and participates in the National Waste Minimization Team.

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