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This session will detail how the use of qualitative and quantitative baselining tools can contribute to a clear understanding of where an organization is starting from on the sustainability spectrum and how it informs strategic goal development. The session will also highlight data collected from PGH award winners and how the benchmarks likewise drive goal-setting across the PGH membership.

Practice Greenhealth, in collaboration with Bon Secours Health System Inc., will demonstrate how the development of a qualitative baseline and the overlay of a quantitative baseline can inform strategic goal development for an organization with limited resources— both financial and human. A qualitative baseline provides a snapshot of what programs are already in place— to celebrate and build momentum. It also demonstrates where there may not be even basic familiarity with key programs or concepts. The overlay of a quantitative baseline allows the organization to use data to develop benchmarks, assess the true degree of progress and identify inefficiencies, assisting the organization to accurately perform a sustainability gap analysis and zero in on areas of opportunity. The organization can then choose how to allocate limited human and financial resources in pursuit of strategic and data-driven goals for the year ahead and have a mechanism for accurately measuring progress. PGH will also highlight data from its Award Benchmarking Report and define how healthcare organizations can also use this data to inform goal development.


  • Cecilia DeLoach Lynn: Assist participants in understanding the relevancy of an accurate baseline to measuring progress on sustainability. Demonstrate why both a qualitative AND quantitative baseline are both critical steps in building a strong sustainability platform and in the identification of organizationally relevant goals. Highlight key qualitative and quantitative baseline tools for sustainability available to the healthcare sector and two different health systems’ experience using these tools.
  • David McCombs: Describe BSHSI’s efforts to collect a qualitative and quantitative baseline. Detail how the data derived from baseline development assisted BSHSI in crafting timely and strategic goals for sustainability. Illustrate how data allows BSHSI to benchmark progress and recognize success while further refining future goals.
  • Janet Brown: Introduce PGH’s Awards Benchmarking Report and describe the data it captures. Highlight data trends from the Benchmarking Report and how they inform goal development. Describe linkage between collecting data, achieving goals and winning PGH awards.


Ceceila DeLoach Lynn, HEM, MBA, LEED AP, Practice Greenhealth
Telephone: 866-995-1110
Cecilia DeLoach Lynn has more than 12 years experience working with hospitals and health systems across the country to develop customized sustainability programs that emphasize culture change and change management frameworks, baseline development and goal setting, responsible purchasing practices, green building design, chemical management, and waste reduction to name a few. Cecilia currently leads Practice Greenhealth’s Sustainability Education and Training Program, including curriculum and content development, webinars and workshops. She also works closely with several Practice Greenhealth health system members to support the implementation of their sustainability platforms. Until recently, Cecilia coordinated the Sustainable Operations Workgroup for the Global Health and Safety Initiative and in 2008 co-chaired the revision of the Green Guide for Healthcare’s Operations Section where she spearheaded the Environmental Services and Chemical Management subcommittees.

David McCombs, Bon Secours Health System Inc.
Telephone: 443-367-3837
David McCombs is vice president of Enterprise Resource Planning/ Supply Chain Operations for the Bon Secours Health System, a $2.3 billion not-for-profit Catholic health system. McCombs was named to this position in 2002. McCombs is responsible for directing the Bon Secours Health System’s implementation of the Lawson enterprise resource planning system and its supply chain operations. This includes the operation of the Lawson finance and procurement system components at all facilities, materials management and directing system-wide supply standardization and cost savings initiatives. A 25-year veteran of health care operations, McCombs served as executive vice president/administrator of the Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center from 1997 to 2002. Prior to his tenure with Bon Secours, McCombs was chief operating officer of the Moses Cone Hospital, a 550-bed not-for-profit community teaching hospital in Greensboro, N.C. McCombs started his career as assistant administrator of a 400-bed community hospital and progressed in responsibility to include being the administrator of a 150-bed rural hospital and administrator of a 300-bed community hospital, all in the Carolinas.

Janet Brown, Practice Greenhealth
Telephone: 866-598-2110
Janet Brown, Director of Facility Engagement for Practice Greenhealth, is one of the founding members of the Green Guide for Health Care. Janet works with hundreds of member hospitals on moving further down the sustainability path, leads the Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards, helps coordinate the Green Guide for Health Care, participates in the CleanMed Planning Committee and is a frequent speaker at conferences and at healthcare greening events. Previously, Janet coordinated healthcare environmental management programs for Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City from 1991 – 2004, where she won a variety of awards and recognition for BIMC’s achievements on the sustainability front. Janet lives in Amherst, MA with her husband and two children. Janet’s interests include coaching her daughter’s soccer team and gardening.

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