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{Past Event} - Greening Operations Series: IT Energy Efficiency 101-How to Save $50 a Year Per PC!

June 11, 2010 - 3:00 pm - June 11, 2010 - 3:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


The objective of this presentation is to provide non-technical audiences with an overview of the biggest IT energy efficiency opportunities for healthcare organizations. If you have ever wondered about energy efficiency in data centers, “server virtualization,” power-management for networked PCs, or financial incentives offered by utilities, this session is for you. We will provide a layman’s description of the most important IT energy efficiency measures, put them into context by examining costs and energy savings potential, and answer any questions you may have been afraid to ask your IT colleagues. Last but not least, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center will share lessons learned from their recent IT energy efficiency initiative.


  • Gain an understanding of the power management opportunity
  • Understand the techniques available to activate power management across your organization
  • Learn about the ways that EPA can support your efforts through the ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT campaign


J. Michael Walker, Beacon Consultants Network Inc.
Telephone: 617-921-8445
Mike Walker is President of Beacon Consultants Network Inc., a marketing consulting firm specializing in effecting human behavior change. Beacon helps clients create programs, products and services that change the way people and organizations think and act. Beacon has been helping government, nonprofit, and industry-leading organizations develop, market, and implement energy efficiency programs since 2002. Working on behalf of the US EPA ENERGY STAR program, Beacon has helped hundreds of organizations recognize the business case for IT energy efficiency, identify suitable enterprise solutions, and implement the changes needed to save energy, reduce operating costs, and prevent pollution. Prior to founding Beacon Consultants, Mike served as COO of IT services firm Complete Communications, Inc., VP of Client Services at Belenos, Inc., and manager at Deloitte Consulting.

Telephone: 202-343-9123
Steven Ryan joined the sales and marketing team at the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Labeling Branch in June 1999 and is currently the Program Manager for ENERGY STAR labeled office equipment, electronics, roofing, and HVAC products. Mr. Ryan also manages a national campaign called the ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign which seeks to help organizations reduce their carbon footprint by reducing computer energy use. Prior to joining the EPA, Mr. Ryan had been working as an Operations/Financial Manager for an international solar electric services company with operations in Morocco. Mr. Ryan also has a background in retail including several years as General Manager with Staples, Inc. and two years as a Performance Officer for Wild Bird Centers of America, a national franchiser with 100+ stores.

Robert Huang, Cadmus Group
Telephone: 617-673-7117
Robert Huang joined the Cadmus Group in 2000 and has supported the ENERGY STAR power management effort for over 8 years. He spearheads a diverse team of marketing, IT, and public relations experts to promote the ENERGY STAR power management program, which asks organization to save money by activating sleep settings on their PCs. Responsibilities include promoting power management to large PC-intensive organizations through direct sales channels, article placements, conference presentations, and partnerships; overseeing the development of technical tools that allow the implementation of power management to be managed over the network; and corresponding with the IT industry on technical and marketing issues. Mr. Huang holds a Master’s degree and undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT and Master’s in Public Policy from the Kennedy School Government at Harvard University.

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