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{Past Event} - Greening Operations Series: Implementing and Growing a Hospital Recycling Program

November 12, 2010 - 2:00 pm - November 12, 2010 - 2:00 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


While sustainability initiatives are becoming more and more innovative as hospitals think of new ways to reduce their environmental footprint, setting up a recycling program is often one of the first programs to be implemented in hospitals committed to going green. Recycling is indelibly tied to the concept of greening and the presence (or lack thereof) of a recycling program becomes symbolic of a hospital’s commitment to becoming a more sustainable organization. Staff increasingly expect to have access to recycling containers at work, as they do at home. So too, hospitals are finding, do patients and visitors. While basic recycling programs are often considered low-hanging fruit, every new initiative needs proper planning and strategy to be successful. And measuring progress has become paramount in validating the commitment of the organization.


  • Describe the fundamental components of setting up a successful recycling program in a hospital environment including container selection and placement, collection schedules, employee education and partnering with the right hauler
  • Highlight which waste streams make the most sense to begin with and the best collection and management strategies
  • Identify a management system for collecting and reporting on recycling volumes
  • Define more advanced waste streams to target as the success of the program grows and mechanisms to build and maintain employee engagement


Seema Wadhwa, LEED AP, Inova Health System
Telephone: 703-776-2723
Seema Wadhwa, LEED AP, is the Sustainability Engineer at Inova Health System in Northern Virginia and the Director of Sustainability at Urban, Ltd. Under Seema’s leadership and in coordination with Inova’s system-level Green Team, a comprehensive recycling program was rolled out across Inova’s five hospitals. From container selection and placement to working with EVS on a collection schedule to developing in-service education for waste generators in the different departments, Seema and the Inova team put together and implemented a comprehensive recycling program over the past two years.

Michael Geller, Providence Health Portland Service Area
Telephone: 503-216-4099
Mike Geller is the Sustainability Coordinator for Providence Health’s Portland Service Area. Mike has managed the recycling initiatives for 3 of the Portland Service Area hospitals and has helped build the recycling program into the thriving initiative it is today with a cumulative recycling rate of more than 40%. Mike has helped lead his hospitals to Environmental Leadership Circle status and has worked closely with teams at each of the sites to continually expand on the kinds of materials collected for recycling –including working with other neighboring hospitals to help divert certain waste streams. Mike continues to expand and grow the recycling program into a model for other hospitals across the country.

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