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Learn the cradle-to-grave process of transitioning your hospital to an effective and efficient pharmaceutical waste stream management system from the pharmaceutical leadership team at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Changing pharmaceutical waste regulations and state and federal laws are driving hospitals to assess and revamp existing pharmaceutical waste practices. The TJUH team will describe the process of evaluating your hospital’s pharmaceutical program & emerging needs in light of changing legislation. The team will present methods for developing a turn-key compliance solution complete with on-boarding, training and staff acceptance tactics. Emphasis will be placed on the four-step roll-out process designed to successfully integrate a sustainable pharmaceutical waste stream management system into a hospital setting and its environmental benefits. An interactive component allows participants to identify ways to improve upon their current practices through learning scenarios designed to stimulate the process for their facility and generate sustainable solutions.


  • Demonstrate a process for participants to assess their hospital’s current pharmaceutical waste streams by illustrating TJUH’s needs & standards used to identify and select a partner to assist with pharmaceutical waste stream management
  • Illustrate effective and efficient methods of implementing a hospital-wide waste stream management program through a four-phase roll-out process
  • Describe potential roadblocks to the implementation process and methods for averting obstacles (e.g. location of containers, staff acceptance, use of partner company to help facilitate program adoption) to reach positive outcomes, as supported by TJUH 1st year outcome data points
  • Identify TJUH’s waste stream characteristics and deficits of previous systems that prompted transition to a partner-based pharmaceutical waste stream management program
  • Educate participants on methods for working with a multi-departmental team to develop sustainable goals and criteria, create a roll-out timeline, and coordinate a cross-functional implementation process
  • Discuss how emerging state and federal pharmaceutical waste regulations and legislation is driving hospitals to assess and improve upon their existing practice
  • Provide overview of best practice methods hospitals are employing to stay ahead of compliance curve (setting stage for TJUH case study)


Mike Roshko, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Telephone: (215) 955-9043
Michael Roshko, operations manager for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, is responsible for all in-patient pharmacy services. He has been in the industry for 14 years and joined TJUH in 2001. Roshko holds a BS degree and a pharmacy doctorate degree from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

Stephen Baker, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Telephone: 215-503-7352
Stephen Baker, Environmental Health Officer for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, who has 15 years of experience in hazardous waste management. Steve holds a BS degree from Pennsylvania State University and has been at TJUH since 2001.

Rae Conley, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Telephone: 215-955-9651
Rae Conley has been a registered nurse for 36 years, and has been employed at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for the past 30 years. Her Masters in Nursing from Widener University lead her to her current position as Clinical Nurse Specialist. Her role responsibilities focus on the clinical aspects for 2 neuro units which includes orientation of new nurses, continuing education for staff, and quality improvement projects. She is also certified in Neuroscience Nursing.

Enrico Vona, Stericycle
Telephone: 631-484-0058
Enrico Vona has been in the health care industry for the past 10 years. He joined Stericycle, Inc. through the acquisition of Bio Systems in 2003. Enrico’s primary role at Bio Systems was working with hospitals to develop compliant programs for the disposal of bio-hazardous waste, while also being very active in the daily operations and customer service aspects of the company’s business. Enrico’s current main focus is the implementation, training and development of Stericycle’s Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance Program, with over 300 hospitals using Stericycle’s program to date. Enrico’s expertise lies in the areas of waste characterization, segregation, transport and compliant disposal practices, including comprehensive training for hospital staff members. He has in-depth knowledge of relevant EPA and US DOT regulations and Joint Commission standards. Enrico earned his BA from New York University.

Edward Barr, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Telephone: 215-955-6513
Ed Barr has been the Manager of Support Services at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital since November 1984. During that time he operated and shut down a medical waste incinerator, installed the first medical waste autoclave in the Greater Philadelphia area and developed a comprehensive recycling program diverting 1/3 of Jefferson’s waste stream from the landfill to the recycling center. In 2006 Ed headed a hospital task force to develop a Pharmaceutical Waste program for the Delaware Valley Hospial Council. Ed is serving as the President of Greater Philadelphia ASHES and holds a BA degree from La Salle University.

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