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As part of New York City’s plaNYC goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2017, 13 of New York City’s largest hospital systems agreed to accept Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Challenge and joint NYC in pledging to meet these same goals. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) through their Focus on Healthcare, is also partnering with the City to help meet these aggressive goals. This webinar will provide insight into the process and programs being used by NYSERDA and NYC to assist healthcare institutions in reducing their carbon footprint We will also provide an in-depth case study of how a major medical college is developing a master plan that will enable them reduce emissions.

Situated on a 20-acre campus in the Washington Heights community of northern Manhattan and comprising roughly half of Columbia University’s nearly $3 billion annual budget, Columbia University’s Medical Center provides world-class leadership in scientific research, health and medical education and patient care. The campus is comprised of 17 buildings occupying 3.1 million square feet.
Columbia decided that to help meet this commitment, the best, first step would be to develop a master plan to provide a road map to identifying opportunities for reducing energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

Tate Rider, of the NYC Economic Development Corporation will describe the role NYC is playing to assist the healthcare sector. Natale DiDonato of Luthin Associates, the consulting firm that was hired to develop the plan and Jim Thompsen, Columbia’s Executive Director of Engineering will speak about the master plan process and describe the results. They will also explain how the scope of work was developed; the results that were identified; and, the best practices that enabled the study to be successful. Allison Leighton of NYSERDA will explain how a state agency with an energy efficiency program focused on healthcare can contribute to these efforts.


  • Tate Rider: Working with the private sector to meet public policy goals; Identifying resources for energy efficiency; Discussing a model for other Cities to get private sector resources involved in greenhouse gas remediation.
  • Jim Thompsen: Identifying a consultant to perform a master plan; Ranking the importance of the master plan findings; Achieving support to pursue a master plan from senior management.
  • Natale DiDonato: Developing the scope of work for a master plan; Ranking and prioritizing the energy opportunities; Identifying the best practices used in developing the plan.
  • Allison Leighton: Identifying public sources of Funding; Describing how NYSERDA’s programs can assist similar projects; Showing other states how a concerted focus on healthcare can achieve energy efficiencies in this industry.


Jim Thompsen , Columbia University Medical Center
Telephone: (212) 305-3715

Allison Leighton, Associate Project Manager
Telephone: (212) 971-5342 x3015


Natale DiDonato, Luthin Associates
Telephone: 732-774-0005
Natale DiDonato has over thirty years of experience in the energy industry. He has been with Luthin Associates since 2006 where he heads up their Energy Services Division. Nat is the project Manager for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s Focus on Healthcare. This initiative is managed by Luthin Associates and assists the healthcare industry to reduce energy costs and improve the environment while enhancing the treatment of patients. Nat is also assisting NYSERDA in the administration of the ARRA stimulus programs. Mr. DiDonato’s responsibilities at Luthin Associates include developing master plans, benchmarking, and procuring energy conservation services for Luthin Associates’ clients.

Tate Rider, New York City Economic Development Corporation
Telephone: 212-312-3763
Tate Rider is Senior Project Manager for Renewable Energy at the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). Tate serves as New York City’s point person for renewable energy issues, policies, and private sector inquiries. He is responsible for developing and implementing projects that will advance the renewable energy industry in New York City and will help the City achieve its PlaNYC goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2030. Tate also manages the Mayor’s Hospital Challenge, a partnership between the City and the City’s thirteen largest hospital systems that aims to reduce greenhouse gases in these facilities by 30% in ten years. Prior to NYCEDC, Tate worked on the economic development team in the Office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (Los Angeles) as the Technology Sector Liaison. In that role, Tate worked primarily on clean technology business development and helped form Clean Tech Los Angeles, a partnership between government, business, and academia. Tate also served as an advisor to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, where he negotiated university partnerships for R&D and managed the planning phase of a clean technology research center.


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