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The need to ensure that health care facilities’ indoor environment is healthy and patients are specifically protected form toxic pesticides is drawing increasing public attention at a time when there is heightened concern about toxic chemical practices and products that can adversely affect human and environmental health. Based on the success of the Maryland Integrated Pest Management in Health Care Facilities project, participants will learn about the issue from leading experts and practitioners in the field with on-the-ground experience in health care facilities.


Identify the hazards associated with conventional pest and landcare management practices that rely on pestice use

  • Demonstrate compentency in understanding the benefits of least toxic IPM & organic landcare
  • Develop goals for IPM & organic landcare policies and strategies for contracted pest services
  • Integrate green pest management goals that minimize risks into sustainability goals


Jay Feldman, Beyond Pesticides
Jay Feldman, M.A., has over 30 years experience in the field of pesticides and public health policy. Jay is executive director of Beyond Pesticides and a cofounder of the organization in 1981. Beyond Pesticides and the Maryland Pesticide Network are the co-partners of the Maryland IPM in Health Care Facilities Project. Since 2006, the Project has been conducting a pilot project with 10 health care facilities and two medical systems (comprised of 12 health care facilities) on assisting their transition to IPM and organic landcare. Jay has presented on the success of this project most recently at 2010 CleanMed. Jay has helped to build Beyond Pesticide’s capacity to assist local groups and impact on national pesticide and alternatives policy. He has tracked specific chemical effects, regulatory actions, pesticide law, and safe pest management. His work with the media has helped to bring broader public understanding of the hazards of pesticides and availability of alternatives, especially organic and integrated pest management. He is author of the recent report, Ending Toxic Dependency (2007), and contributed to the report Healthy Hospitals: Controlling Pests Without Harmful Pesticides (2003). He is the co-author of Taking Toxics Out of Maryland’s Health Care Sector: Transitioning to Green Pest Management Practices to Protect Health and the Environment. Jay received his B.A. from Grinnell College and M.A. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Urban and Regional Planning.

Thomas Green, IPM Institute
Thomas A. Green, Ph.D., is President of IPM Works, Madison, WI, providing consulting services to businesses and non-profit organizations on broadening adoption of IPM and other conservation-enhancing practices. In 1980, Dr. Green founded an IPM supply business, which has been part of GEMPLER’S, Inc., a national agricultural product supplier since 1995. Tom Green holds a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Massachusetts. He currently serves as co-chair of the Sixth National IPM Symposium and as director of the National Foundation for IPM Education. He is also a consultant to the Maryland IPM in Health Care Facilities Project.

Lionel Weeks, CPP, CHPA, Lifebridge Health
Lionel Weeks, CPP, CHPA, has spent the past 15 years at LifeBridge Health where he is Vice President of Facilities. Lifebridge Health is a comprehensive, regional medical system based in Baltimore that is comprised of two hospitals, a rehabilitation and geriatric residential facility and a health and fitness center. LifeBridge is one of the pilot facilities in the Maryland IPM in Health Care Facilities Project. Lionel holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Human Services Administration. Prior to joining LifeBridge, Lionel served as Director of Safety and Security at a local university. Previously, he served Baltimore County’s police department for 18 years. Lionel is a member of the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety, the American Society for Industrial Security, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering and the Chesapeake Area Society Healthcare Engineering.

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