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Hazardous waste typically accounts for between 1 – 10% of hospitals’ total waste streams and affects every area of the hospital. Light bulbs, batteries, solvents and pharmaceuticals are just a few of the dozens of products that become hazardous waste when disposal is required. Still, many hospitals are unaware of how many items meet the regulatory definition of hazardous materials or waste, and are not clear on the appropriate handling, segregation and disposal guidelines for these items. If not properly handled, facilities may not be in compliance with state and federal regulations and are at risk of thousands of dollar in fines and regulatory sanctions. The implementation of sustainable, compliant hazardous waste management and disposal practices along with a hospital-wide education program focusing on this topic can help ensure environmental compliance as well as employee safety and health. This session will focus on specific regulations from the DOT, RCRA, EPA and OSHA, while illustrating best practices for appropriately managing healthcare hazardous wastes from cradle to grave. Michael Burke of North Memorial Hospital shares best practices for identifying, segregating, collecting and transporting clinical and non-clinical hazardous wastes in compliance with these complex standards. Emphasis is placed on staff education and training techniques for hospital-wide implementation.


  • Understand best practices to identify, segregate & manage clinical and non-clinical hazardous wastes.
  • Highlight appropriate waste characterization procedures and threshold requirements for regulatory permitting, classification & reporting.
  • Detail how to implement hospital-wide hazardous waste disposal initiatives that increase staff safety & reduce risk.
  • Describe how to assemble chemical inventories, track hazardous and non-hazardous waste & define appropriate disposal methods


Michael Burke, CEH, CLLM, , North Memorial Hospital
Michael Burke’s 26 years experience have included managing all aspects of waste removal, housekeeping, linen, and patient escort/transportation. Currently the Director of Environmental Services at North Memorial Health Care’s 518 bed facility, Burke manages the various departments. Burke also led the implementation of a compliant hazardous waste program involving identification, segregation, collection, transportation, manifesting and licensing all hazardous waste in addition to training 2000 staff members on the process and regulations around handling waste.

John Simpson, Specialty Waste Solutions, Stericycle
John Simpson’s more than 17 years of experience in the hazardous waste field include extensive problem resolution and solution implementation with a multitude of hazardous waste streams. Over the past six years, John has also been involved with the development and implementation of many new pharmaceutical waste collection programs across the United States, including comprehensive waste assessment and collection programs to ramp up hospital systems to meet compliance standards.

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