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The Problem – How do you implement an increase in recycling levels and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, while simultaneously providing financial savings to a health system with 5 hospitals and 30 plus medical centers as well as dozens of outpatient centers with unique systems and approaches for handling wastes?

The Solution – Come and learn ten steps to standardizing waste and recycling procedures in a large health system. Using a case study from a major health system in Detroit, MI, this webinar will highlight a system-wide set of waste management policies and procedures that ultimately reduce the operational cost of healthcare waste services and allow it to provide greater benefit to the communities it serves.

Speakers will walk participants through a 10-step process which identifies key problems faced by healthcare systems today, and develop a set of goals and procedures that involve all necessary stakeholders from waste generators, waste handlers, managers and leadership. An overview of the need to develop and roll-out policies and procedure guidelines—including desired outcomes—will be discussed. Lastly, speakers will touch on the benefits of site assessments, annual training and operational tools and guides to support and ensure system-wide protocol compliance.


  • Identify a system-wide systematic approach to waste and recycling handling procedures
  • Develop a strategic team of stakeholders to help standardize procedures and tools
  • Develop a system-wide policy operations statement
  • Strategize program goals, milestones and implementation plan


Nicole Chardoul, PE, Resource Recycling Systems
Ms. Chardoul has 16 years of experience in pollution prevention, systems planning and management and is instrumental in all aspects of RRS projects requiring engineering expertise. Nicole is RRS’s leading health care program manager, organics program designer and construction management engineer. She has an extensive knowledge of contractor and vendor service management, equipment procurement and specifications and operator training with the goal of pollution prevention, green construction and operations, cost savings and compliance. Her specific emphasis in recent years has been the development of health care related resource management and sustainability programs. Nicole directs the RRS team that provides health care waste and recycling program technical expertise, customer service, troubleshooting and works with waste haulers and other vendors to ensure operational integrity. Nicole’s health care resource management team handles data management for waste audits, waste and recycling operations, regulated medical waste and hazardous waste compliance, and waste handling best practices reporting. The team also performs contract management and enforcement, including service vendor billing and invoice auditing and waste, recycling, and confidential document service coordination. Nicole, a licensed professional in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering, joined RRS in 1998 as a consulting engineer and became General Manager in 2006 and Principal and C.O.O. in 2008.

Cathy Semer, Henry Ford Hospital
Ms Semer is the Manager for Environmental Programs and Waste at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI. Her duties include supporting all departments in the proper management and disposal of all types of waste, including regulated medical waste, hazardous waste, trash, recyclables and more. Her expertise in environmental program management also is leading development of the hospital and health system’s Green Teams and related sustainability initiatives. Prior to joining Henry Ford, Cathy was a senior consultant for 22 years with Resource Recycling Systems, Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she developed waste minimization and recycling programs for businesses and municipalities throughout the Midwest including nearly 10 years working with healthcare organizations. Cathy earned her Masters of Science degree from Michigan State University.

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