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{Past Event} - Green Design & Construction Series: Regulatory Impact on Healthcare Greening

April 27, 2011 - 1:30 pm - April 27, 2011 - 1:30 pm -- Eastern Standard Time


The 90.1-2010 Energy Standard for Buildings is the most significant revision to the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES energy standard since its inception. Buildings that comply with the 2010 edition will use approximately 25% less energy than the same buildings built to the 2004 standard. This seminar will teach you why 90.1-2010 is important to your projects, how it is enforced, what the major revisions are, when you are likely to feel its impact, why it conserves more energy than other energy codes, and how to comply without breaking the budget. 90.1-2010 includes significant revisions to the building envelope (including passive solar requirements), mechanical, and lighting requirements that will affect architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners.

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  • Understand how EPAct, ASHRAE 90.1, and the IECC interact
  • Learn when the new requirements of 90.1-2010 will be mandatory for your projects
  • Understand the new architectural, mechanical, lighting, and other requirements of 90.1-2010
  • Learn about option to achieve even greater energy savings than are required by 90.1


Jeff Boldt, PE, LEED AP, KJWW Engineering Consultants
Telephone: 608-221-6709
Jeff Boldt is a principal and the Director of Engineering at KJWW, is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience in mechanical and acoustical design. Jeff leads both the Innovation and Quality initiatives at KJWW. He is a voting member of ASHRAE 90.1, the energy standard that is the basis of nearly all energy codes in the USA. Jeff chairs the Healthcare, Hydronics, Elevator, Booster Pump, and Duct System Leakage working groups in the 90.1 committee. Jeff is one of the authors of the DOE-sponsored Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small Healthcare Facilities and is currently beginning work on the AEDG for Large Healthcare Facilities. His design expertise is in facilities requiring strict control of humidity, temperature, and indoor air quality such as hospitals, laboratories, surgery suites, libraries, and industrial plants. In his spare time, Jeff competes in triathalons around the country.

Walter Vernon, M+NLB Consultants & Engineers
Telephone: 415-362-3266
Walt Vernon is an electrical engineer, has an MBA, and is an attorney. He has been designing healthcare facilities across the country for 25 years, and was one of the early green healthcare pioneers. Walt is one of three Co-Coordinators for the Green Guide for Healthcare. He Chaired the committee that wrote the healthcare chapter for the California Green Buildings Code. He is the Vice-Chair for the ASHRAE 189.2 Standard for Green Healthcare Buildings. He serves the World Health Organization as a consultant in helping them with greener healthcare buildings around the world. He founded the consulting group “Blue”, which provides strategic consulting services to help healthcare organizations to develop coherent green strategies. He recently founded the Sextant Foundation, a 501©3 organization dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for healthcare buildings in the developing world, and to using science to push the boundaries for what is possible in the world of Global Healthcare Building Codes. He will leave from this conference to lead a team of volunteer electricians who are re-constructing the power distribution systems for a hospital in Haiti.

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